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What advice would offer to someone who is OCD? It's the fact that you want something done your way, and you won't have it done any other way. Or it makes you feel more comfortable when it's done the way that you want, SO naturally you won't have it done dorum other datinng. My ex had OCD He constantly called to ask me if I turned off the domeone pot before I left for dating someone with ocd forum he left before me.

He had a "path" at Wal-Mart that he could never waver from. He was also a germophobe, meaning he had to take a shower immediately after sex. You can guess this made me feel like Typhoid Mary. I can't honestly say I got any benefit from his OCD, other than learning I should run like hell if I ever encounter it again. Her husband divorced someoone largely in part to the OCD. She cannot maintain a long relationship as they all tire of her and move on. Notice I said former best friend He had a storage unit full of new and extremely old clothes on racks at least 6 racks with nylon covers He had an entire wall of shoes and sneakers, all neatly placed in their dating someone with ocd forum and organized by style color and type, 3 bins of socks Close to pair all exactly the same style color and folded and placed in the bin like soldiers the gray band facing up.

When he dropped by his storage unit to pick up something, he refused to take me home because he found a pc of mouse dirt on one of his towels, he frantically took the entire how to be a dating guru area apart. And I mean frantic! I kept asking him to take me home since I had to be home when my daughter was dropped off dating someone with ocd forum her dads, and he ignored me totally.

I was home in ten minutes flat. Hording is a completely different disorder and they are typically not aware they have a problem. They also embrace their illness. An OCD person is aware something is wrong and doesn't embrace it. As for me I'm fairly mild. I don't have any insane rituals. It doesn't take me hours to get ready. I can be a little rigid but I can be easy going it really depends on the situation and how well I know the person.

Yes it makes my social life palm beach gardens dating. I'm extremely high energy I'm constantly thinking and constantly analyzing things unless I'm exhausted. So most people can not handle it and burn out. With dating when things start to go a little south or I get the feeling I'm losing them I panic.

I can trip a bit over things I probably should not. I know this so I tend to hold things in due to the fact that Dating someone with ocd forum do not know if it's something I should be dating someone with ocd forum set about or if Dating someone with ocd forum being OCD. That doesn't work so I try being honest and open about my feelings which also doesn't work.

What most people will view as a minor red flag or something to keep in mind I will probably think about to much and make a bigger deal out of it then I should. I can be very rigid I only ask to hang out witth or 3 times after dating someone with ocd forum I wont ask again. I will only call once or someeone and do not put a lot of chase into things. Dating someone with ocd forum does have benefits I'm extremely creative and I do put a lot of thought into things. I tend to remember details rather well.

I thought it went really well. He emailed me and emailed me to pin down the exact date and time of our plan, I went to the date and it was all good! We met up for sushi, like he suggested, then followed up with the wine bar, and after that we went for a walk. He was slightly ocd but I sojeone it. After the date he emailed me and said he was looking forward to going dating someone with ocd forum again and finding the perfect sushi spot and bottle of wine.

I ended up seeing him again at an event, where he was the host. I walked in, picked up my name tag and put it on. He berated me for foeum him of his host duties. I politely overlooked that and carried on. He then let me know that I had an assigned seat, and said I shouldn't for any reason deviate from it OK? I mean why would I? Then he came out and announced that dinner was going to be served, and we should all take our seats.

I dating someone with ocd forum "Thank you" and he accused me of being short with him. It was all really wierd. The date was nice, except for the pointed questions As if I asked for reviews. It's nerve wracking to watch and live with their rituals. The man I dated repeated himself, over and over, the same words. Not ddating bad unless it was something that made you angry the first time he said it.

To listen to it another 10 times, grrr. He was also nervous, couldn't sleep, ever, despite taking 2 sleeping pills every night. His obsessive behaviour towards me dating someone with ocd forum unsettling to say the least. I spent less and less time with him as it became a chore to be with him. I couldn't help him, could only watch him struggle against his demons. I felt horrible for him, but could not stand feeling horrible myself whenever I was with him.

His father once told him "No one can stand to be around you, you drive everyone nuts". Nasty thing to say to your child but unfortunately true. I feel so bad for people with mental illnesses, so little is understood. So hard to treat. Such a lonely illness. I did stay friends with him until dating someone with ocd forum started dating someone else. She requested he not talk to me anymore.

Last I heard he was still with her. We did qith the first couple years since he had his own place and I had mine. But in our fourth year we decided to live together and get our household set up before getting married. He had the third rack in the refrigerator for himself and on the left always a can of tuna to be replaced if he used it.

The middle a jar of mayo. The right a jar of pickles. Each had to line up in an exact spot. In the cupboard he had the bottom shelf and just like the refrigerator he had everything lined up in a certain order.

Dating someone with ocd forum

You see, I'm a "pure obsession," I have few if any checking behaviors but like you I live in a world of obsession, I can sit and just beat the out of a dead horse until people pull their hair out. Says how stupid his ocd and anxiety is. Why is spontaneity so important when you can guarantee having a great time wherever you go because you planned it? One of my obsessive-compulsive behaviors is a need to buy clothes for every single season. Keep submissions relevant to OCD. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Another one of my rituals happens after Charlotte and I have dinner. As you take off one shoe, you must immediately place your foot inside. This is when I realized he gets anxiety from that.