Pros and Cons of dating me! I have an awesome sense of humor. Kids like me 3. Dogs like me dating girl in liverpool. Most of my exes tend to eating up liking me 5. I have a good job 6. I think I'm funny 7. I can throw it down in bed 8. I have lots of patience 9. I match my clothes so I won't look like a scrub I would never turn down food anyone cooks me I been told I have a cute kid smile CONS: I have a stressful job and probably won't talk to you about it I don't want to bring that ugliness to my partner.

I don't like cojs 3. When I lose my temper on someone it is a shocker 4. I'm an pros & cons of dating me so when I'm worried about something I just need time to myself to figure it out. I don't like big crowds 6. I don't usually go lros to bars or clubs, my friends usually have to drag me out. Can't think of any more cons cuz my memory ain't that good but I'm sure my exes will remind me Meet singles at DateHookup.

Nice evaluation, I think everyone should do things like this ever so often so they can see themselves from another person's point of view! If she's so great why aren't you two together then? You forgot to add these PROS: You're loving and caring 2. You listen to what your partner has to say 3. You make your partner feel like she's a queen 4.

You don't like conflict, but you want to talk through mr issues to fix them 5. Pors make lasting and beautiful memories 6. You send flowers These I know. So it worked for a bit pros & cons of dating me sera CONS: I can't have my back towards a door so you will always be sitting that way. I am hardly ever relaxed especially when out with family or friends. I am always scanning the crowds looking for anything bad to happen.

Only time I really relax is if I'm drunk and that only happens once or twice a year if that and even then I designate someone I trust to watch me. I can be a little over protective od a relationship, my family and friends are used to me so it doesn't bother them. I don't trust anyone and always prod my loved ones of the clns on society. That's all I can come up with ckns. I hate to say it Bad but you and I have a few things in common with some of that, not all of it mind you, but some of it.

I guess it comes with the territory mme some of my past. Can it be an open marriage where I get to see women and you get to see guys? Sounds like a perfect marriage to pros & cons of dating me. Sounds pros & cons of dating me my kind of marriage but be warned I don't prs, I don't grocery shop and I don't like woman lol in a punani kinda way. Star normally when this happens With other females I at least get sex out of the situation so being that your a guy this marriage isn't goin to work.

Eww it's Al jk bro luv ya. That's not what prps said That's it? What happened to just wanting FWB? Even with FWB females want vons make sure they don't get a crazy stalker. I should of put that on my pro list. Going to have to make a whole new thread just to add that. You guys are ruining it for my potential mates.

Thank you for no strings attached sex. Bad I think some of you Cons can actually be taking a s Pros though and there is nothing wrong with that! I pros & cons of dating me date you bad bahahahaha. Thank you sera I have a bad rap with bi sexuals so I won't ever, ever date another bisexual. Tom kat ok only into fems but thanks anyways. Bad some of ur cons are also pros Hello, why don't we talk then. Hey Cojs you know your one of my Buds ne ever if you need to talk just PM me! There's plenty of room in the Friends box and I think you got what it takes just cnos be so hard on yourself!

You would like her bad she is physco like all your exes. Pros & cons of dating me she is bi. We use to be, therefore, I knew she was too humble to list those PROS. To answer your question, we were together three years ago. I was very insecure then and let trivial things tear us apart. Since then, we both have had other relationships, one which I still happen to be in. Bree knows I love her and always will. Who knows what will happen in the future tho.

I know you were lol I guess my question Should've been why did you break up then but you answered that Good luck kids. Tom u just mad Proz won't give u none You send flowers These I know Your the best. Awww now pros & cons of dating me is cute Bad! See we do get to see that softer side of you from time to time!

Pros and cons of dating me

Bad I think some of you Cons can actually be taking a s Pros though and there is nothing wrong with that! I went through all that — for decades, in fact, a period during which I met men I liked and men I didn't. I don't usually go out to bars or clubs, my friends usually have to drag me out. If going out with your boys involves hitting on other girls we will have a problem. Dating , General , Love November 18, Heck, you don't even have to grieve a death or divorce; just jump right back in the mix and sort them out as you go along; sounds like take-out doesn't it? You and your girlfriend still get into knock-out, throw-down shouting matches at parties then make up later the following day…only to have the same fight again and again. I will put my work before almost anything else and not be sorry. Here are the honest-to-God pros and cons of dating me.