For the guys that prefer Asian dating subreddit girls Yellow Feverare you able to describe why? What about westernized asians who have grown up here? Their culture is now Western, so they don't display those traits. Is it purely off the exotic look? I'd rather they dated me because of me, and not because I'm asian. If you would like to do the subrdedit, add the browser extension GreaseMonkey to Firefox and add this open source script.

Then simply click on your username on Reddit, go to the comments tab, and hit the new OVERWRITE button at the top. I don't feel like I have a lot going for me, and maybe thats true, or maybe it isn't. But I see white guys do the asain take datint the street, and try and sneak long looks when you aren't looking, and the whole "wide eyes of awe" gaze.

Even in the way they approach you, and talk to you, its like you're already the object of their affection. Its creepy to no datinf. Especially when they try to impress you by speaking a little chinese, and then i retort back in english and they realize I am western. Maybe I am just super observant, but I just really think, there is no way to hide if you have an asian fetish. Maybe only to immigrants It was the first time I'd asian dating subreddit met him.

What if Asian girls are just the most beautiful asian dating subreddit me? It's not like I'd be into any Asian girl who comes along. That's a bit different to wanting to date a girl because you believe that she will be 'demure' and 'feminine' for you. I datlng a lot of guys who think asians are just more attractive, including my best friend, but Asian dating subreddit couldn't care less subreddih that at all as an asian female - it's also nice to hear people in this thread think my asian nose is cute when I've spent most of my life absolutely hating it.

It's just like having a preference for redheads, or blondes. I think when people say 'yellow fever' they mean more guys who just want to date asians because of their beliefs of what their personalities are like, and that's where the problems lie. I agree with infringme. Guys who have yellow fever because they daating Asian girls to have certain personality traits such as being docile and demure, is a shit expectation on their part.

Would you like that sort of expectation on you? Yellow fever is just some twisted sort of judgement. I would never want my personality determined from my looks. On the other hand, if the so called exotic look is what attracts you — well that I can understand as everyone has their aesthetic preferences. But yellow fever still makes me uncomfortable. Sadly I actually know a couple of asian dating subreddit who will only date not only Asian women, but recently immigrated Asian women.

I have online dating makes me feel desperate idea what their deal is. I think they fit the whole supposed stereotype of being docile and submissive, easy to control, etc. Much less to handle than western women. Subredxit still think its messed up. Those guys sound manipulative and scary. Preying on women who likely don't have a support system near them and therefore are less likely to report abuse or even understand that certain types of asian dating subreddit are way beyond "western guys do this"would have a harder time getting away if they wanted to, who don't know the laws, who aren't aware of red flags obvious to girls asian dating subreddit in said country, etc.

Do guys that like redheads have Scarlet Fever? Do men that like black women have the Black Plague. Do men that like brunettes have diarrhea? Black people come from the jungle vs Loving black people is a disease that will kill you and most of continental Europe. You might like this! And by 'like' I mean, you might throw up a little. I accepted the risks when I posted something involving the c-word in here, even if it is in referral to dudes saying stuff like 'how bout you date me and I won't have the US military bomb all your slanty eyed cousins back to the stone age?

I think it's a pretty funny blog too! I've met way more asian women that fetishize white men than the other way around. I'm talking about asian women that live in the united states. I've had asian women that live and grew asia here tell me straight up that they like white guys with green eyes. I know I've never said the equivalent to an asian woman and none of my friends dating houston singles said that about asian women.

I agree with you because that's what I see as well. Southampton dating free I have seen so many asian women state they only date white guys. There was a recent thread here and on another subreddit where an Asian guy was talking about how on a dating site majority of the Asian women state they prefer white guys on their profile. They didn't say "this fish pond dating site the way it is" they said "this is what I've encountered".

My sister hangs out almost exclusively with Asian girls and they all either have black or asian boyfriends. Not a cracker in sight. I like the way people say statistics subrfddit a dating website with millions of people on it bear no reflection on reality. Well, it is an assumption on your part to say that statistics on a dating website a self-selected group of people is definitely correlated to trends in real life dating. I'm not saying it isn't, asian dating subreddit you are making a leap of faith by saying it is.

It's like saying that because reddit is largely made of liberal atheists that the US at whole is largely made up of liberal atheists which obviously isn't true. My personal experience has been that asian girls who hang out with other asian girls tend to like asian guys, while asian girls that hang out with white girls tend to like white guys.

Also, fetishizing is really different from having a preference for a certain type of person you want to date. I have never heard of Asian women's fetishizing white men, but do many have a preference for them? So it all changed from you saying my Asian girlfriends definitely don't fetishizes white guys to oh subreddit they prefer them?

The smile thing really rings true for me as well. A good, genuine smile is way more important to me than tits, ass, build, or anything else. People who have Asian fetishes on dating sites: Shit people with Asian fetishes say to Asian girls: As an Indian dude attracted primarily to East Asian TM women, this thread is honestly a bit creepy.


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