Ask MetaFilter is a question and answer site that covers nearly any question on earth, where members help each other solve problems. Ask MetaFilter is where thousands of life's little questions are answered. Join 4, readers in helping fund MetaFilter. Dating my second cousin once removed by Fantastic flag, all month, in the July Best Post Contest! Ask Secknd querying the hive mind. Marrying a relative March 19, 8: Age difference 6 years. And spoke to me about this, I mentioned I am not sure about the custom.

They both have higher education, have good job and decent family people. What would their relationship be second cousin once removed? Depends on the culture. In the Middle East, it's not uncommon for first cousins to marry. First cousin once removed. Whether it's socially or religiously acceptable depends upon the society and religion in question, I suppose, but there's a decent Wikipedia article on legality and religious views on cousin marriage here.

They are first cousins once removed. The relationship is first cousin once removed his aunt's kids are first cousins. The social acceptability of this probably depends more on the family dynamics and how close the family is. I have a close family on one side and such dating my second cousin once removed relationship would seem incrstuous. Yet, on the other side of my family, there are a pair of first cousins who got married.

They never had kids because of possible genetic issues. Whether this specific pair should have kids or not probably depends more on their specific risk factors -- it's probably worth going to a genetic mh if they plan on kids. Chance could make their genes very similar or very different. As for the name for this relationship, it's "first cousins, once removed. The child of one's first cousin, or the first cousin of one's parent, is one's first cousin, once removed.

I grew up in the not-backwoods landed gentry-type south Savannah and more than half of my graduating class was related to each other in convoluted ways like this. They actually sat down at lunch one day and worked it all out. Now everyone's growing up and getting married and making babies with each other and it's no big deal. It's extremely common and not considered a weird thing by them at all.

Does this happen in progressive, liberal cuture too? That is what I am most interested in. Whether this is socially acceptable will depend entirely on their community and cultural context. Are you in the US? My gut tells me some judgmental folks might raise an eyebrow, but as a queer person who lives in Chicago, I see absolutely nothing objectionable or weird about this.

Then again, I'm hardly in the mainstream. Yes in US posted by globalbuddy at 8: That's how I dating my second cousin once removed it, anyway. It's not something that comes up often in conversation, though, so I'm not completely sure. Canada, very liberal peer group. In the US, some states outlaw first-cousin marriage, but further away from that is legally okay. Many states allow first-cousin marriage my dating my second cousin once removed grandparents were first cousinsand some families would be shocked but other families not.

If families grow up together and feel more related, that might make the participants more uncomfortable. What dating my second cousin once removed the heck does this mean? Cousin marriage is very unusual in the USA, though it is legal in many states and it happens. I don't even think that a "first cousin, once removed" would fall cojsin the cousin-marriage laws, which are more about just first cousins.

Religions differ on femoved matter. Some have no policy on consanguinity-- as long as the law allows it, the church will allow such a marriage. Other religions I am Greek Orthodox have dxting restricted rules about who can marry each other, and any connections have to be very, very distant for the church to allow the marriage to go forward.

I would say daging in the "iffy" zone for me. Like, I'm not totally horrified but I can't help but raise an eyebrow. I think wichita kansas dating sites well they knew each other growing up would affect my feelings about it. I also suspect that class would affect how people perceive the relationship - if they're poor and rural they're going to be judged dating my second cousin once removed harshly than if they're urban and wealthy.

Also, if they're in datiing small town or small community within a big city, or whatever where they both grew up, everyone presumably knows they're cousins, where if they're not from a small community or not living in a small community then no one will know unless they explain. A rundown on where cousin marriage is legal and orange county dating events so legal in the US.

The gamut runs from perfectly legal to "criminal offense. To me, it would seem a bit odd but not shocking. For example, if they are approximately the same age, it would seem less weird to me than a non-familial relationship that had a huge age difference. US, liberal peer group in a very conservative state. This is a pretty normal thing in Pakistani culture.

I've got relatives dousin married first cousins and also know people who have done the same. In fact I know a pair of brothers who married a pair of sisters who were their first vating. I'd wager that if you were to go back a couple of generations you'd find it fairly common in North America as well. This may be of interest as well: The way I see it eemoved in a progressive, liberal area the reaction might be "What, you couldn't just meet someone on OKCupid like everyone else?

Different cultures have different norms and values, and in some, cousin marriage is more the norm or at least more accepted. In mainstream US culture, you marry strangers, or at least friends of friends or church acquaintances, at any rate, people absolutely unrelated to you. The age difference being small will probably go a long way toward making the marriage more acceptable. I would suggest genetic counseling if the couple plans to have children especially if either side of the family has any secoond conditions that are hereditary or suspected to be.

That state by state breakdown beagle posted is interesting. Looks dating my second cousin once removed it might even be a criminal offense in Nevada Yeah, this to me reads squiffy, as in:

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We are not blood relatives but we grew up together even though we rarely saw each other. Trending Now Kylie Jenner Maria Bello Lisa Murkowski Billie Lourd SoftBank iRobot Business Listings Michelle Arendas Background Check Toyota Service Coupons Federica Pellegrini. Also, it would be smart to just "hang out" and see if it has the potential for dating at all. When the cousins are not the same generation, they are described as "removed". Most of royalty is interbred.