One thing that makes me self conscious when it comes to dating is the fack that I don't have a lot of money right now. I have always heard that a guy needs a good car, a good job, and a good income to get a girlfriend. I actually have a good car dating someone who works in retail my parents helped me with getting it and I borrowed some money. And I just work in retail which people tend to look down on.

However I have finished college with a degree in business management and I feel like I have a bright future. But I seem to have a hard time getting a job. Girls would you date a guy like me? Everything you've mentioned is completely irrelevant to yr ability to get dating someone who works in retail date, at this point in yr life.

If you were 40 years old? If you were looking for a marriage dating someone who works in retail, right now? That'd be different too. But right now, you are still squarely in the middle of the "girls just wanna have fun" demographic. Ambition, thats what women love. Your current state is non-important as long as you're ambitious and want to climb up the ladder. For me it would depend entirely on how you treated me and your personality.

Since i take care of my own finances i don't bother about a guy earning a certain amount etc. I make sure i can get the things i want. However, you seem like you have a lot of ambition and you're working towards getting the job you want. Ambition dating someone who works in retail drive are far more important to me than what a guy currently earns.

Keep trying to find the right kind of girls. We're definitely out there. I do understand that it is important try to treat a girl good. And I would not want a girl who wants dating someone who works in retail just live off me financially. I would want a girl who has ambitions of her own. I want a girl who is my equal in a relationship in terms of how much money we make, and decision making.

You have some great accomplishments and finding a job can be hard. Mind if I ask what you want to do with your degree? What is wrong with retail? With that said, yes. I would date a guy like you. Just need to make sure you have a good personality and know how to treat a lady. I think it's great you are striving to better yourself.

I plan to something in business management. I will probability start out with a management job in retail. Maybe for some girls its all about the money. But I'm pretty sure for most they just want a guy who cares for them and is there to love them regardless of bank account. Personally my point of view I don't give a shit what he makes. As long as its enough to support himself.

I'll hold up my end. I do fine doing it now. As long as I'm compatible with the guy and he has a good personality and I find him interesting. Sure you need enough to get by but thats all. You are attractive, I'd be willing to date you. My ex was unemployed when I met him but going to school so I didn't mind. If he aspires to do something more and is motivated, I'd be more interested.

A lot of jobs are stepping stones to get elsewhere. If he has a strong work ethic, it won't matter as much to me. I'm a very motivated person so I look for that in a relationship. Im not interested in taking care of someone who doesn't want more for themselves. Its not where you work either, its how you treat your gifrlfriend. Who cares about money Lmao?

Dude no you don't need all that for a girlfriend, wife maybe but then again I'm not as high maintenance as most of my friends. They want a guy with a car, job, etc but they're in school. Only difference is they dress up more and are prettier plus have a job, I only go to school as a full time student. This is an off the wall question because majority of college grads are in the same situation you are in. Please stop with the insecurity. It's really not that big of a deal. No woman will date a guy who doesn't have money.

Women are all in love with money and men with money. Girls won't give you an honest answer unfortunately. The truth is that they find guys of higher "status" jobwise more attractive. I'll maybe allow that it's not dating someone who works in retail about the money but they like an ambitious go-getter. It's been proved by science. Feed Live Feed Featured Questions myTakes Polls Videos Popular No Opinions Post Ask a question Create a poll Share myTake AskingForAFrirend SoInLove bigender trump confessiontimetruthandlies SelfPotraits SelfishArtists.

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Dating someone who works in retail, meanwhile I have a degree?

Having to worry about company policy, your peers and your supervisor can really put a damper on a romantic connection. I feel a lot better! After the procedure, keep in touch with him and see how that goes. Avoid spending everyday together in the early stages until you know that this is a person you want to pursue wholeheartedly. If you have the ability to fire or promote someone, then you should not date them. If you begin to date, know that you have to keep work first no matter what. Dating this person will mean that they are a part of both your professional and personal life.