You would have to be living under an actual rock not to have noticed the stellar success that two particular types of rabbit gay dating have been having in the last 24 months. There is nothing exactly new or proprietary about the mechanics of the platform. It works in exactly the same way that Sydney-based company Airtasker does. Users post a task they would like completed, or on the flip side, a task they are able to complete for someone and set it live for other men on the system to check out and offer a hand.

The big difference is all around the compensation. At C4J there is no exchange of dollars for completing tasks. Now now, minds out of the gutter please. The treat rabbit gay dating be something as simple as cooking them rabbit gay dating nice meal or tickets to a local theatre production. Of course with a name like COCK FOR JOBS — it happens to be attracting an entirely different array of treats from early adopters, which I am sure you can use your imagination to understand.

Would I use it? All I will say is IKEA furniture is perhaps one rabbit gay dating the most annoying things to put together on earth. Level 38, Tower Two. News, Insights and Stories from the Australian and New Zealand tech ecosystem. Features Mat Beeche 30th Apr 14 2 MIN READ. A Shoe String Media Platform.

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