I'm a year-old woman living in NYC. I was born and raised in Manhattan. I'm also a Republican and I'm finding it very hard to find someone in my age range that even holds a few right-wing opinions. I dating a republican guy mind dating a Democrat at all, but they don't respect my values so it never works. How does it go? I'm a moderate, so I'd like to think I get along with a dating a republican guy range of people. Heh, I've always wondered what it is about political values There's a girl I got along with really well at my college and we flirted a lot, there was that tension, you know etc.

So I kind of was a little bit late making a move but I kind of openly discussed the possibility of dating her with her. We sort of said, "I don't know if it would work but you are def. So a bit of time went on and then I asked her out and she politely turned me down, saying we are just way too different. I took it well and didn't get needy - which is good because we got to have a daying conversation about it - but I did ask her what she meant by that. She said that our values were just too different we do come from really different backgrounds.

When I replied, "Of course, not to be pushy, but you know republixan are the times when people meet halfway," she said I mean, you just gotta understand, I LOVE Jesus, and I Daring so I don't actually identify myself as either liberal or conservative. I do come from a Unitarian Universalist background, so I'm not what you'd call strongly religious, but there's not a chance that I wouldn't respect religious values in a relationship. Now, I'm convinced dating a republican guy republlican was more than dating a republican guy that at play here.

Of course, maybe it wasn't meant to be. She just wants to be with someone that understands them, which isn't too much to ask. But instead of seeing past our differences, I think she was just afraid that I wouldn't understand her. Now I've been exposed to a lot of different people in my lifetime. I've lived in the suburbs of Nashville, in the small-town house of my Korean datint, in the mostly-Hispanic Annandale, VA, the very liberal-white and rich Arlington, VA, and the very conservative-white and modest dating coach charlotte nc VA.

I will be moving to either NYC or LA soon for my career. I come from a bi-racial family. Wherever you are, chances are I've been there. I won't say that I "get" everybody and I don't "get" her now. But who knows, I might've repblican she let me try. I mean in this world there's everything from conservatives intolerant of liberals and liberals intolerant of non-liberals they say "intolerance of intolerance" but that's bullcrap and we know it.

But it's not that anybody dislike people not like them. People are just afraid that another person won't accept who they are and that fear is what breeds animosity and in some cases, hate. There's 6 million ways to live out there. All you've got is yours and all they've got is theirs. We're just looking for someone to understand us in repuvlican world.

It's nice to be seen how we see ourselves, after all. Anybody can do that if you let them try, but first you gotta let 'em. I apologize for the ignorant and dating a republican guy answers you've received. It is unfortunate, but very few people are confident enough in their worldview including politics to converse with people without becoming hysterical in some way.

People get overly defensive of their ideas because they've yet to think them through and own them. In modern American politics, a lot of people borrow convictions to make themselves feel like they have something to identify with, whether politics, religion, etc. Frankly, few people really understand what they claim to believe. I would not encourage you to date dating a republican guy who holds a different worldview than you, because it is the basis of enjoyable and intelligent conversation, which is one of the pillars of a strong and productive relationship.

If you can't talk to someone about meaningful things without getting into an argument, what kind of relationship would that be? People are too afraid of that which is different from themselves, and they act that fear out in violence: When I was younger I was briefly involved with someone who held more dating a republican guy politics I don't affiliate with xating party, but you could say I lean towards Libertarianismand she drove me crazy.

Primarily because she never thought it through, so she provided no reasoning. Of course she wouldn't listen to my reasoning either. In the end I was spinning my wheels trying to pry some logic out dating a republican guy her, but it was fruitless. You'll ultimately find that the real issue here isn't politics in and of itself, but the philosophical ineptitude of the modern American that causes the conflict.

Be patient, you'll meet the right person in time. I hate talking about politics. Id probably avoid any1 that's overly political. Mainly cause I have no faith in a 2 party system and people who tend to lean one way or the other will never waiver in their beliefs. They don't respect what others think they only want to change it so you think like they do. Whne people say to not talk about politics and religion that's why.

Peopple aren't open minded to even entertaining another belief or idea that theyre not accustomed too. Its not impossiable, I guess it depends on their commitment to the "cause" You'll just end up having pointless debates about moral political things and resort to petty squabbling about best interests every 4 years. I'm not a Republican but I am very conservative. I don't think the "dating is not about politics" answers have really been very helpful, as they seem to kind of miss the point.

Whether you tend to hold to conservative or liberal values really can say a lot about your personality and what you believe. The question being asked is therefore a very legitimate one. It is a question that has nothing to do with whether rdpublican not you like or can rating along with someone gyy holds to different values, but whether that difference in values between the two of you is great enough to prevent you both from seeing eye-to-eye enough to really grow closer together beyond that friendship level.

Remember in Ghostbusters when Egon said dating a republican guy crossing the streams is bad?

Dating a Republican...

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