Recently, I dated a Daniel Craig look-a-like. This attractive Chicagoan had incredibly expressive blue eyes and long eyelashes women would envy. When we first met, he seemed like any other normal guy. However, there was something very different and special about him. This wih suffered from type 1 diabetes dating someone with type 2 diabetes is also known as juvenile diabetes. Our romance educated me about diabetes and provided me with a plethora daing information about dating someone with diabetes.

Ask your significant other what you should do in case of an emergency. Post these important phone numbers near their landline and add them into your cell phone. Also, ask about their medication. Find out the type of medication they are taking and where they store their medication. If your loved one suffers typee fatigue due to diabetes, allow them the rest they need to recharge their batteries.

Learn about their glucose readings and their glucose reading device. For example, the gentleman I dated tested his blood sugar before and after his meals. Because we avoided the bars, we filled our days with activities. We worked out together, walked everywhere and attended baseball games. Also, we attended oodles of summer music and art festivals.

Interestingly dating someone with type 2 diabetes, we grocery shopped and cooked together. Our grocery list looked like this: One of our jokes was there were no white food products white rice, white bread, white sugar in his house. I wish that people would stop datlng the phrase "suffers from type 1 diabetes. Please don't assume that witj are suffering.

Most of us T1Ds aren't. ALL carbs are processed in the body the same as sugar; which is why counting carbs is a necessity for T1D's. The one and only day my 6 year old son had the best blood sugar ever was the day he ate very little to no carbs. Too bad he's a carb-a-holic,: Carbs are carbs no matter where they come from. I wanted to say that, first and foremost, I hope my son sees a cure LONG before he starts dating. But, if he doesn't, I hope whomever he dates takes as much an interest in learning about caring for him as you did.

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April 11, - 7: This Comment Improved Dating someone with type 2 diabetes Health Changed Diabdtes Life Saved My Life. RacerWife7 ALL carbs are processed in the body comment faire un bon speed dating same as sugar; which is why counting carbs is a necessity for T1D's. Are You a Somrone Log In Connect your comment to your member profile. It only takes a second! You'lll be automatically notified when someone else datiny on your post.

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Diabetes & Dating: To Date Or Not To Date

The problem with gold standard CPAP is that it is neither comfortable nor acceptable for the lifestyles of younger, active people, especially if they only have mild sleep apnea. View All Health Videos. In the past 25 years, however, determining what type of diabetes a person has has become more of a challenge. Muddying the water further is the realization that diabetic ketoacidosis , an acute, life-threatening complication of diabetes that is caused by a lack of insulin, can occur in people with Type 2 diabetes — not just in people with Type 1, as was previously thought. Check out these Healthy Body Hacks and gain valuable health information about a wide variety of interesting topics that you won't find anywhere else! Find the top and most recent healthy food recipes and try different nutritious foods and snacks that are based on Dr. Occasionally we see people with diabetes worrying that their partner is getting too involved in their diabetes. He also cautions that while the study shows a correlation, it does not prove causation.