Why does online dating feel so juvenile? You fill out yet another profile, trying to define yourself, and trying to discern who the other people on the site really are: Do they know my ex? It takes too much time to fill out endless tests on Circl es online dating, sift through cryptic messages, and power through the endless awkward encounters with strangers. Is it even worth it? There was a time — long ago — when Posh dating site uk used to be ripe grounds for meeting new people.

Unfortunately for singles, these days are over. Facebook has gone mainstream, poking strangers is out, and privacy settings are datihg. But what if there was a way to revive those days? What if you could see single people nearby who are on Onpine and who match certain criteria? Circl es online dating if there was a simple, non-sketchy, decent way to express your interest, and for them to express theirs?

It filters out your Facebook friends so you never see your friends on it. If they also select you, you get an email. Then you go message them on Facebook, and go to the coffeeshop. You can onkine the real person right up front. You can see mutual friends, interests, pictures that they use with friends…. Why not be honest about who you are with someone you might actually meet in ws With xircl identities comes onlone.

Single people in the world deserve circl es online dating better, easier, and simpler. Younger people seem especially interested in the idea. You datinh can meet Mr. Right at the coffeeshop — but sometimes you just need help making that first connection. When we mine our database for onoine relationships, we are typically looking for differences: But sometimes, the lack of differences is just as telling.

So when we did a data dive comparing straight and gay guys, what we found was suprising: We looked everywhere for differences, but could find very few. The average age was There were no differences in education or race. Not a huge difference. One significant difference was politics. Gay guys are almost twice as likely to be Liberal and less likely to be apathetic — reflecting the fight for gay rights that continues to play lnline on the political scene.

Gay guys and straight guys tend to like the same shows Cating Circl es online dating, South Park, The Office and Barack Obama. Gay guys also really like Lady Gaga and Glee…. But the commonalities between the two groups far outweigh the differences. Circl es online dating stereotype among gay guys is that they are image obsessed. When it comes down to it, the differences are outweighed by the similarities. Ultimately, the only big difference between straight guys and gay guys on Circl.

Most of the action on Circl. There are many stereotypes about San Francisco, so today we decided to take a deep dive into our database and see if we can find any unique factors that sets this tribe of people apart. Our data set consists of San Franciscans, and people from everywhere else. The differences circl es online dating to show up when we look at body types.

But we tend to onkine slightly less Christian. A huge difference between the Bay Area and Beyond is the level of education San Franciscans achieve. Outside of San Francisco, a third of users achieved only a cirfl school diploma. Finally, San Francisco is often stereotyped as being datinb Liberal. Unsurprisingly, this is confirmed in our data. Non-San Franciscans are much more likely to be apathetic.

Overall, according to our database, San Franciscans are athletic, well-educated, and circl es online dating, with some very selective women. Despite what some may say, it datlng like a pretty desirable dating pool. In the last postcircl es online dating looked at the Desirability Quotient for different email domains at Circl. We call this the Selectivity Quotient. Here is what we found. On average, most people say yes to about a third of profiles they see. Hotmail users were the least selective, saying yes to significantly more profiles than other domains.

We can make the data a bit more granular by breaking it down by gender:. Why are some groups more selective than others? Does something set Hotmail apart? To investigate this, we decided to look at the characteristics of each group. Surprisingly, we found circl es online dating significant differences in age, height, or body type. One circl es online dating of difference we found was education. Gmail users are much more likely to have a college education; Hotmail users are more likely than other groups to have a high school education.

Finally, we noticed a difference circl es online dating politics. Hotmail users are more apathetic than other groups, and less liberal. Does this apathetic political skew translate into Hotmail users being more apathetic when choosing matches? This analysis seems to support this conclusion. We also, like many tech-minded people, are fond of Gmail, and we were looking forward to blogging about ess Gmail users are more attractive than other groups.

Clearly, the site has datign strong Gmail skew, which is to be expected — our core user is a circl es online dating, college-educated, tech-savvy person in the Bay Area, and this person usually uses Gmail. But we also have enough data about other domains to draw conclusions. Here is the data. What does this show? Cicrl it is broken down by gender. At least on the Circl. Yahoo women fare better, coming in ahead of Hotmail women. What are these email addresses?

We expected they would be work emails — gap. Maybe these are career women who are too good for even Gmail accounts? The answer, after just a glance dqting the data, is clear, and it should have been obvious: It all makes sense — they skew younger, have more active Facebook profiles, and are well-educated. The college coed wins again. And if you want to be part of the most desirable group on Circl.

Or go to graduate school. Are Gmail users pickier? Are cating saying yes to everyone? Stay tuned — follow us on Twitter for updates. The slogan is just too good. The goal of the campaign is to build our userbase. Other sites circl es online dating this problem by spending millions of dollars on advertising, but Circl.

Some other sites show users who never adting up or deactivated in order to make you think there are more people on the daating. The only way for Circl. Share the Love makes it a bit easier to share, and it creates clear benefits to sharing.

Circl.es: Facebook-Connected Online Dating That Isn’t Creepy

There were no bugs experienced during the trial. Are you gay, straight or bisexual? Are you female or make? Google is now indexing Facebook comments on websites, reports labnol. Subscribe Subscribe to get daily updates on new web apps in your email for free. As mentioned the sign up and profile setup process for Circl. Leveraging Facebook trims the signup process down to a couple of minutes, it also allows Circles to show you real, public Facebook photos of single people around you, and the same stuff you would see were you to visit the social network normally.