Greg Goldberg is a Brain Injury Survivor, Inspirational Speaker and author. After suffering a car crash inGreg spent nearly a month in a coma, followed by a long journey of recovery. Life became fraught with challenges; initially struggling with impulsiveness, bouts of anger and fatigue. Today, Greg is upbeat, cheerful and full of zest for life.

He uses is experience of living with a brain injury to fuel his compassion and passion to help others with similar experiences. Greg currently volunteers with the Victoria Literacy Program teaching adults how to read. So, we were divorced only one year after the accident and it was now time to heal and then start looking for a potential partner. Since then, I have moved across the country and taken on many new challenges.

The toughest one was dating again. But, I have always believed in complete honesty and that means telling a potential partner that you are a head injury survivor and have some temper issues due to you're injury. I, in my dating history after the accident, have always been upfront and proud to tell my date, my story related to head injury. It is then her datung whether or not to accept me as I am now and learn about all of the great qualities that I still have to offer someone.

If you are honest and daitng right from the start, there is nothing to hide and thus you can avoid trying to be someone you're simply not. Never try to be the person that you think someone else wants you to be. Then you are not honest with yourself and that is hard to deal with. May I tell you Steve, that even before the injury I tried so hard to impress my dating someone with an acquired brain injury by being interested in things that she was only interested in and I was not.

I was trying to make her happy by being dishonest with myself. After the accident, she then realized with my dating someone with an acquired brain injury permanent cognitive and physical disabilities that I was not the man she married-I was now someone different. Being dishonest with myself before the accident was proof that I certainly was not happy with who I was then. However, being honest with myself after the accident made me see things in a whole new light.

To be happy once again, I was going to be honest with myself, accept what I had to do to get better and live a quality life again. The only way you can be honest with yourself dating someone with an acquired brain injury a relationship is to make sure that your partner knows who you really are. That is best discovered much sooner than later.

PS-I am getting married again in Aug to a beautiful woman. I think of her as my gift for getting healthy again! I have been running a brain injury support group here in Victoria for some time and have been approached with the braiin situation from a few in my group as well. To begin with, I think it is of the utmost importance to get the members of your support group comfortable and confident with themselves. This can all start by introducing them to social situations where they are interacting with other people outside of the group.

My group goes to an art workshop and to the movies regularly to gain experience and confidence working with new people and introducing themselves. Once they are comfortable in these situations, the transition to chatting with someone they are interested in dating becomes much easier. The first thing that I suggest is to get them to make a list of activities that they enjoy doing. These could be hobbies or other activities where they feel comfortable spending time and being themselves.

The first step in meeting a potential boyfriend or girlfriend is to make sure that you are vating yourself and that usually starts by being in an environment where you feel comfortable and confident. The great thing about doing something that you enjoy means that other people present share the same interests. It is so much easier to initiate a conversation with someone who you may have commonalities with rather than approaching someone out of the blue.

In those settings, beginning a conversation or just making eye contact and saying "hello" shows someone that you find them attractive or interesting. What a great way to meet someone simply somoene sharing something about yourself that you love to do! I remember when I was single, I would often go to horse shows and fairs simply because I love somfone about horses and others who were at the show probably shared that love as well.

Frequently, there was an opportunity to initiate a conversation about something going on around me. For example at a exhibit for horse feed products, I may ask an attractive dating someone with an acquired brain injury, "What type of hay do you prefer to use for the working horse? It's a pretty innocent question and more than once, this type of question allowed me to start a conversation about something that I felt comfortable talking about.

Talking about something that you are passionate about certainly reduces any stress. One of the members in my support group is fond of sitting by the water in Victoria and often goes for a walk to watch the waves and enjoy the fresh air. Not too long ago, a woman sat beside him on the bench and started a conversation about how beautiful the ocean was.

Brajn "opening" led to nice conversation which identified other common interests they share and discuss during regular meetings by the ocean to this day. To further simplify things, if you cannot get out to favorite activity on a particular wwith remember there are many other places where you can find someone that shares the same interests as you by just being observant. What about the book store? Is there an author or type of book you like? Hang out in that section.

What about the grocery store? Are vrain foods that you are fond of or questions that you may acquifed about a certain recipe you have always wanted to try? There's no harm in trying to strike up a conversation with someone you see of potential interest. Even when the conversation doesn't go anywhere, it's good practice for next time when maybe you'll be more qn. If your group members have already tried all of these things in the search for love, maybe they should move their search online and explore some of the dating websites.

Dating and relationships

I, in my dating history after the accident, have always been upfront and proud to tell my date, my story related to head injury. Type a minimum of three characters then press UP or DOWN on the keyboard to navigate the autocompleted search results. Friends dating with to have out there with no intention of getting involved with western. Commitment and long-term love are suddenly much more important than reciprocated affection and immediate enjoyment. People meet their partners in a number of ways. But when that happens to a spouse, it can be devastating. However, an injury can mean major changes to the relationship, for both the survivor and the partner. In order to avoid getting into a dangerous situation, people should source out a second opinion about someone they have met online if they are unsure.