I went into college datihg a non-diabetic and in the middle of my sophomore year was wite at the age of I hid my diabetes from everyone because I was ashamed and I thought they would treat me differently. I wanted secrecy diabetes dating site I wanted to be alone because it diabetes dating site easier for me. However, that is no way to live.

When I became brave enough to wear clothing that might show my insulin pump, I decided to go out to a bar with my friends. I was wearing a crop top and had my pump clipped to my shorts. Had this guy been drinking on the job? Nope, it was my insulin pump, I told him. Zite mistook it for a wire and thought I diabeted undercover.

My lesson from this story: And eventually when I switched to the pump — how am I going to explain what this device is? All these thoughts were swirling around my head and it was nerve-wrecking. How did you get it? What do you have to do to manage it? Why do you wear a pump? Then of course, came the thoughts and questions of diabetes dating site I did iste sex. Wrong, by the way. The number one question: Your pump can potentially diabetes dating site a bit dangerous. Remember, it is on a tube so can swing around or not stay where you originally placed it.

If you want to avoid any potential injury, e. However, you might be one of the few that can leave it on and have zero problems. Just test it out both ways and see. THE BIG TAKE AWAY: Those who like you, will like you even more when you skte them how much of a warrior you are. Have fun and be safe and love. Read our Drinking with Diabetes Chart.

Emily Wilson Emily is ssite Georgia and was diagnosed April 8, She's a Type 1 warrior who teaches yoga and loves to inspire others to embrace every part of themselves. Showing the world how strong Type 1 diabetics are is how she lives her life on and off my mat. Diabetic in the Dorm. Dante the Diabetic Diabetes dating site Dog. The Diabetic Journey Waistband.

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