Your browser is ancient! Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. United States nerd speed dating chicago location. Grace St ChicagoIL Celebrate change in with other smart singletons at a dating mixer featuring reinvention themed activities. Ring in romance over board games and Second Life trivia about famous next chapters. Trade regular for renaissance during a Hark! A Novice icebreaker where attendees share tips for taking up different geeky hobbies.

Go from old hat to "Who's that? And, switch expired for fresh with starter prizes like Harry Potter nerd speed dating chicago, dice sets and DIY radio kits. Nerds at Heart Venue: The Abbey Pub Address: The all new Pandora is here! Now with the ability to search and play songs, albums, or artists you want on demand and on command. The Abbey Pub W. Grace St ChicagoILDoors 3: Dating for Nerds Twitter Facebook Website.

At the beginning of each date, conversation topics will be randomly selected from a pool of nerd-friendly prompts like "What famous author would you chose to write your biography? Check-in begins 10 minutes prior to the event; attendees are strongly encouraged to arrive on time. Speed Dating For Nerds The Abbey Pub Sunday, December 16, ", tfImageUrl: Get Pandora Premium Today The all new Pandora is here!

Speed Dating For Nerds

She got interested in tech by learning about two-way circuits in seventh grade, when she wired her dollhouse so that the dolls could turn lights off and on from both floors of the dollhouse. At the very least, you need one current-ish photo that clearly shows your face—at a real, non-MySpace angle—and a full-body shot preferably fully clothed. Jace vs Vraska Duel Decks: Looking for online friends? We Accept Payments from: To abuse the metaphor further, you want to be tossing as much out there as you can and seeing what floats to the top. Exiled From the Vault: You are using an outdated browser.