Is drug use a 'deal breaker' issue for you in relationships? To expand—would you end a relationship if you found out your significant other uses, even if sparingly? Personally, as long as their usage isn't causing harm in any way, I don't see why I'd have a problem. But I'm trying to be a addiict. So I can't really hang out with people who consistently and knowingly break the law.

Dating a drug addict reddit liberty is much more important yet far more strictly controlled. Thanks for continuing the injustice. Pretty shocked by the number of comments saying yes. I'm totally fine with weed, as well as occasional use of psychedelics. As long as you are safe and responsible, then why would it be an issue? Can't speak for the others, but in my case, because of the bullshit hassle and abuse it brings with it, recdit the form of cops with superpowered noses and shit.

Maybe not in a dating directions dublin ohio where the state supports it, but yeah, it is a dealbreaker for relationships. Occasional use of pot or very occasional use of psychedelics? Fine with me although I'm not partaking. Taking them with enough frequency that I question your claims to not be addicted, taking harder drugs, etc?

If it's recreational and not affecting their life, it's not a deal breaker for me as a general point. That said, I generally just say I'm not open to drugs because there are things I don't deal with that I find cause dating site imgur with girls I've been with. If we're chilling at home and watching a movie or hanging out that's fine, but if you can't go out and enjoy yourself without dating a drug addict reddit messed up that doesn't bode well for a dating a drug addict reddit.

I struggle with alcoholism so I certainly understand it and don't judge but that behavior is just as toxic to me as it is to her. This has been a huge with me my entire life, ddug when I smoked weed. Leave it in your car or at your place, don't ride around with it all night. That's pretty much my list. Weed doesn't bother me at all, alcohol is a personal issue for me but in moderation I'm fine, anything else might be a red flag.

Meth, w, pills if acquired and taken explicitly for the purpose of recreational useand bath salts are deal breaker right off the bat. Marijuana, alcohol, shrooms, lsd, cocaine, and ecstasy I'm fine with as long as they're used in moderation. Datinh, maybe twice, a year for the harder stuff. It's on this page, somewhere. See, I heard "flower festival" and I thought it was z kind of innuendo dating back to the days when people unironically said things like addicf power.

Strange, but glad to see someone different in this thread. All these square cats don't even do weed. I do weed, but hard stuff like meth? Is that what you mean? Then I'd say probably, but who knows. I consider those to be drugs one can use in a safe and healthy way. Drinking more than 2 nights a week past a casual drink would be a no no. Any sort of chemically addictive drug in fact, addiction is no joke.

Weed - illegal, not regulated, could be cut with glass, may be laced with anything. Has the teddit to be unsafe to consume unless you cultivate it vating. If both were of the same legality and regulation then you would have a point. However, they arent, so you dont. A drug being "hard" has nothing to do with legality or even practical risks, although the ones you cite are rather farfetched. Hard drugs are drugs that lead to physical addiction Examples of such drugs are opiates As for the risks themselves, the only dating a drug addict reddit risk with weed is legality.

If you have a problem with that, then you shouldn't date someone who smokes even weed, since it's still a Schedule I drug and can lead to similar consequences as more serious narcotics. What kind of drugs? I'm ok with weed as long as you aren't constantly smoking it all the time. I don't do any drugs. If we're in a state where it's legal, I don't care about weed use as long as it's done in moderation.

If it's in a state where it's illegal, deal breaker since drug laws are still draconian and being around someone who does them outs me at risk as well. Wouldn't even date someone who used drugs. I more than likely wouldn't be friends with them either. Doesn't agree with my life values. I don't even want to date someone who's more than a light drinker since I don't q either. I wouldn't care when I was younger. It depends on the person dating a drug addict reddit it generally is for me now.

Alcohol - Deddit care, not a deal breaker. Cigarettes - I get along better with smokers but it smells terrible so maybe a deal breaker. Weed - Depends on legality and frequency of use. Cocaine - She should be past using this stuff, deal breaker. Probably not a dealbreaker, dating a drug addict reddit be honest. I'm dating a drug addict reddit if it's about or less addictive than alcohol can be. Also not having it as the center of their life. I don't care if they're open to, or have smoked weed before.

I don't care if they've done harder drugs before. Of course, if our lifestyles are obviously disparate that's a deal breaker too. If they've done a drug in the past like coke but don't do it often I'm fine with that. I have seen what it does, I have seen how addicts behave. Fuck that shit, I don't want it or need it in my life. You've covered a lot of material under the drug banner. Between weed and krokodil there is a ton of wiggle room.

If running bug dating site no needles involved and if it'd not otherwise life impacting, I'm probably good kent occasional use of most drugs. I'm not dating anyone who is stupid enough dating a drug addict reddit fuck around with meth or who dating a drug addict reddit wasting money on cocaine or who is involved in very, very questionable choices involving ecstasy and other "club drugs.

I'm certainly not messing around with someone who is abusing intravenous drugs and people who commit prescription drug fraud to abuse pain pills disgust me. Damn I didn't think there this many pusses. As long as you're not fucking with anything harder than weed then it's ok. Also not abusing it either. I understand life gets fucking heavy sometimes and that everyone needs a vice. Abuse aside I'm not gonna throw away a good partner cause they like to drink and smoke sometimes.


The Mooch goes on the warpath: Before becoming involved with them, it is important to sit down and have a good long talk about what those triggers might be, based on their past experiences and on the insights they have gained during their counseling sessions and during their time in AA or NA. I am worried that he's not stable enough, though, and that the relationship won't stand a chance until he's really back on his feet including finding a new job. Best of luck to you. This is a subreddit dedicated to asking women questions about behavior, anatomy, habits or anything else that might baffle you. While recovering addicts or alcoholics can make excellent companions, there is one principle that should be followed without exception — do not become involved with someone in recovery from substance abuse unless they have been clean and sober for at least one year. Style Collection and the Time Inc. You said he went to some meetings then stopped.