Send questions for Cecil Adams to: Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Publishers - interested in subscribing to the Straight Dope? Password Register FAQ Calendar. Would it be appropriate to date the sister of your brother's wife? My SIL has a beautiful 20 year old half sister I'm 25 and TBH I sort of have a crush on her. She looks a little bit like my brother's wife but not to the point it turns me off. I lived with my SIL for 4 years so I don't feel anything for her in that way, her sister is another dating your cousin in law though.

I mean, she's pretty hot and seems like a nice person though I don't know her too well, only met her a few times and I have her on Facebook and Instagram. She lives a couple hours out of town in the same city my brother and SIL live in. I'd sort of like to let her know how I feel and ask her out, but I feel like my brother and his wife might get upset with me, and I wonder if it's considered taboo to date someone who is closely related to someone you are related to by marriage.

Two of my nephews brothers once dated two girls who were sisters. There was tension when one of the relationships soured and that led to the dissolution of the second relationship. Plus I alwys made rude comments about the relationships and the possibilities. I'd say it's not a best practice, from a sheer "drama potential" point dating your cousin in law view. Because any of your drama now affects them, and any of dating your cousin in law drama affects you.

If the relationships get serious and any big drama happens, that's a recipe for tearing a perfectly good family apart. There are plenty of fish in the sea, no reason to fish in the family pond. Find all posts by even sven. My grandfather and his brother married my grandmother and her sister. Both marriages lasted to the end. Tom Tildrum View Public Profile Find all posts by Tom Tildrum. Originally Dating your cousin in law by Tom Tildrum.

Last edited by Dr. Drake; at Drake View Public Profile Find all posts by Dr. Or think of it this way. In a normal relationship, the avenues for drama are "you and her" and "her and you," and any drama with the extended family will almost certainly be along those lines. Things don't work out, you part ways and move on. In the situation you are posing, lines of potential drama are "you and her," "her and you," "her and bro," "bro and her," "her and SIL," "SIL and her," "bro and SIL," SIL and bro," "you and bro," "bro and dating your cousin in law "you and SIL" and "SIL and you.

So it's an exponential multiplier of drama, that also makes a clean separation nearly impossible. Dating your cousin in law a good idea. Originally Posted by don't ask. Morgenstern View Public Profile Find all posts by Morgenstern. Since no factual single answer is possible, this one belongs in IMHO. Penfeather View Public Profile Find all posts by Penfeather.

I knew a pair of sisters that married pair of brothers. Sister1 and brother1 meet and marry. Second marriage was due to brother1's married brother brother2 and his wife offering to put up sister1's single, hot younger sister sister2 in his house while she looked for job in area. Sister2 and brother2 started affair while she was living with brother2 and his now ex wife which ended his not so great marriage and led to sister2 and brother2 getting married.

Sister2 is a bit of a handful and soon after getting married she and brother2 had their differences and seemed to be moving to breakup and this was HUGELY uncomfortable for sister1 and brother1 as they got it from it all angles. Sister2 got pregnant which dating your cousin in law to settle her down and so far sister2 and brother2's marriage seems intact. It can work but if there are issues they become magnified by an order of magnitude and ripple disruptively throughout the combined families.

Last edited by astro; at I'm going to buck the trend here and say Go for it! You only live once! HeyHomie View Public Profile Visit HeyHomie's homepage! Find dating your cousin in law posts by HeyHomie. Originally Posted by astro. Originally Posted by protoboard. I read your post and cringed. I wish I could say I never did anything so bloody foolish, but I did.

I prefer to pretend my massive mistake never occurred, so I won't be going into details here It'll dating your cousin in law you from taking a huge risk that has all the potential to haunt you for the rest of your life. Velocity View Public Profile Find all posts by Velocity. My older brother married the older of three sisters. We divorced 3 years later. A few years after that my younger by a year brother married the middle sister. That lasted less than a year. Older brother and sister are still married going on 43 years.

It may work out. In that slim chance you marry the sister and end up with this big happy family and a bunch of cousins more closely related than is typical. The rest of the time one of three things happens. Then the families become split because the sister doesn't want you around anymore. She's going to marry some other guy and she doesn't want you around her husband. You can't be at any family she is at and your sister-in-law will resent you and take it out on your brother.

Now if may not play out that way, but do you want to take the chance? Of course if it was me I'd go for it, no point passing up the chance to bang a hot chick. TriPolar View Public Profile Find all posts by TriPolar. Two of my classmates had identical names. Their fathers were brothers; their mothers were sisters; they were born within hours of each other.


He followed this up with an even bigger hit, the leading role in "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter". One doctor calculated from the study's findings that "almost 10, children will be stillborn or born with birth defects this year in the United States from first-cousin marriages. Sickle-cell anemia runs in blacks. These people note that 20 percent of marriages around the world are between first cousins, that Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin married their first cousins, and that first-cousin marriage, while prohibited in half the United States, is legal in Canada and throughout Europe. The following year was to prove kinder: Search Our Website Search for information about most any OTR-related topic. This Reality Star Just Found Out She's Dating Her Cousin Kaitlin Reilly. A female reader, anonymous , writes 18 September A female reader, anonymous , writes 24 February