Join massage and bodywork professionals. Sign Up or Sign In. Main My Page Guidelines Members Forum Groups Chat. All Blog Posts My Blog Add. Becoming Friends with clients Posted therapjst Julie Onofrio on January 31, at 2: I have been having some really great discussions on here and on Facebook and my websites about the therapeutic relationship and what happens when you become friends with clients or engage in other dual relationships with them -nothing illegal like dating clients or sex of course but trading services like accounting or tax help and seeing clients socially.

I never was taught anything about this and in fact when I started out 22 years ago, massage was more of a lifestyle choice than anything and being friends and even dating was totally OK back then. Dating clients is now illegal here in WA and a few other states. Now with massage moving ahead and becoming a profession with massage therapist dating clients of the things happening like the BOK, licensing reciprocity being talked about, the Massage therapist dating clients, the troubles with NCBTMB and such we are being seen more as health care providers and massage professionals.

I was just wanting to hear others stories and experiences of becoming friends with clients What were you taught about socializing and becoming friends with clients in massage school if anything? What effect does it have on your massage work with that client if any? What boundaries if any do you set up to preserve the therapeutic relationship? Do you feel like you are friends with clients even though you may not see them socially?

That's probably too many questions. Msasage course you don't have to answer them all and can add your own thoughts on the topic. Basically what I am wanting to know is how many people see their clients socially successfully and if there are massage therapists who also choose not to see their clients socially. I am wanting to learn what is being taught in massage schools about all of this. Thanks very much Julie Onofrio. Comment You need to be a member of massage and bodywork professionals to add comments!

Comment by Gloria Coppola on February 8, at You have got to do what feels right for you. I would just be "real". I can't really answer for you. It is really a personal thing. You just have to see what feels right and be able to be upfront about your concerns and address the issues as they happen. I have a special situation of this. Massage therapist dating clients a man around my age that he was my client for 2 years.

I remember the first day I met him and went massage therapist dating clients his place. Maasage was very respectable but hours later when I finished the massage, he called me thrrapist ask me out for a date. I told him that I don't date my clients, that also therappist part of the rules of my profession. He respected that and he become only my client for the next 2 years. He studied massage therapy and now he is a licensed massage therapist.

He hasn't been my client for almost a year and he has been asking me for my advice on this profession because he is just starting out. He has been working very hard as a massage therapist and he is now in pain. He is asking me to trade massages and I don't know what to do. He was my client for 2 years and now seeing myself trading massages with him and becoming friends its kind of weird.

I don't know what to do. He is therapisst nice guy and he has given me referrals, promote my business too. So I kind of feel compromised, so I don't know what to do. What do you think Julie about therappist I think we need to really have a keen sense of the intention gay sugar daddy dating apps boundaries. I do have a few that have been clients and then became friends. It has been wonderful. They are supportive and refer many clients to me.

They respect me professionally at all times. They even comment that they appreciate the fact that the relationship is professional when they come to see me and not casual. In school we were taught not to date our clients. As for friendships we were advised to use caution. We did massage therapist dating clients get a lot of fear datkng projections thrown at us. We were taught STRONG boundaries, a sense of self and how to commune with others in this field.

I feel it depends on your location. Clientw small town therapists cannot help but have their clients as friends in some cases. Larger cities you probably won't have this as frequently. Can we be friends with our clients? I have had people who wanted to become friends and knew that it would not be appropriate and would probably create professional problems. I remain friendly to them but do not engage on a personal level outside of the practice. They also respect this.

I do not feel that we should go out drinking and partying with our clients. I feel we must always maintain professionalism. A cup of coffee or lunch, a walk in the park is quite different. I will say however, that I don't bring these relationships into my life like "best friends" divulging personal issues. We keep it "light". I have seen over my almost 25 years, that most people like the "friendliness fating personable" relationship.

It has worked in my advantage. If there is a true connection and you feel the boundaries and respect can absolutely be maintained, then I personally feel you can have a professional- friendship- relationship. If you cannot, then you will create problems for yourself definitely. I know therapists who have dated many of their clients. Needless to say they lose business and referrals.

As for them canceling and worrying about billing them???? I have never had the problem thank goodness!! I have massage therapist dating clients had a friend have to reschedule in an emergency and offer to pay, however, I declined because of their consistent continued support and referrals and they never abuse the relationship. Now, family -that is a whole other issue!!

Massage Therapist Dating Clients

Consider this indication that clients have difficulty asserting themselves: Talk But Don't Touch Psychology Today Talk But Don't Touch. When LaRue Lundeen and Kirk Fjellman began dating, neither had a clue that Lundeen would be accused of breaking the law because of their relationship. Code Of Ethics National Certification Board For Therapeutic … Acknowledge the limitations of and contraindications for massage and bodywork and refer clients to appropriate health … To review the Approved Provider Code of Ethics, click here. Respecting the Therapist-Client Relationship. However, with clients who are less mature or who have less awareness of their own responses, transference reactions may become more pronounced. After a couple of weeks of treatment, John began arriving with a cup of coffee for Susan. You'd want to decide which of these applies: Respecting the Therapist-Client Relationship.