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Myself and my SO have made it work for three years. He's three years above me and graduating in less than a week, so I've spent my entire med school education thus far in long distance. Remember it works for some people, it doesn't for others. Some people naturally settle into long distance, others really struggle. The key is to be aware that both of you have hectic schedules and be willing to make sacrifices and compromises.

Be honest about your work schedule and keep your SO filled in on what's going on, so they know when to lay off and let you work when you're busy and when to expect a bit more contact. Feelings can be uncomfortable to talk about, but get into the practice of talking about them because it will make a lot of things a hell of a lot easier in your relationship when you start to hit road bumps. Skype study sessions are good - turn on your webcam, mute the other person and get to work.

Being able to look up and see your SO every now and then is nice. You don't have to be constantly dating a med student long distance. Be prepared for arguments over stupid things, like misinterpreting text messages. They will happen, and they will suck. When you start getting upset or angry over something use a bit of insight and try to see if you're making mountains over molehills.

If you explode - don't beat yourself up over it. Apologise and move on. Likewise don't hold explosions against your SO: I would give you a whole lot more advice but I'm in the middle of a cram session: Most of all please PLEASE don't listen to people who say "It never works. And DON'T compare your relationship to other stories of LDR that well-intentioned friends or classmates will try to give you.

As mentioned at the start some people cope better with LDR than others; some people are totally unequipped to deal with LDR, others fit into LDR like they've never dating a med student long distance any kind of relationship. Remember; you're more dating a med student long distance to hear the horror stories because they're the public things that people hear about more, and they make a far more interesting story to re-tell.

For every horror story of LDR there are a couple sitting away happily skyping each other; you don't hear about them because their story just isn't as interesting to tell. Remember that, and take well-intentioned "X and Y had a LDR and OH MAH GAWD you should have seen how it ruined them This was always a great date to look forward too during my long-distance relationship.

Great way to kick back after a long week. I would always be trying to sync up the voices lol. She'd constantly ask why I was hitting my space bar so much. Also - don't get mad with friends or family who tell you they don't work. It's frustrating but remember they are saying this because, for reasons I've explained previously, they've only heard bad stories and they love you and are trying to protect you. As frustrating as it is, see that from their perspective and don't get mad at them - you need a great support network to get through things when you don't have your SO around to lean on.

Alienating them by getting mad because they are trying to protect you from something they don't really understand will not help your LDR in the long run. Another positive datapoint here. We were together before she started and she's graduating in a few months. We're on the same coast but a 3-hour plane ride apart.

Certainly not easy but it works. Neither of us has much free time but we spend a lot of it watching things together, remotely, and otherwise taking on the phone. If your school does recorded lectures, do that. That's how we made it work. Just takes some planning and a lot of Skyping. It was one of the hardest things to go through, but one of the easiest decisions to make for me. First you have to realize that unless you're really super concerned about AOA or something, your grades for the first two years don't really matter, so there's no need to sweat grades as long as you're doing alright.

This allows you to do school and the relationship without causing as many problems of guilt for traveling and not studying or whatever. Then, just try to be realistic and think about whether or not you really want to be with this person or if you're not as sure about the relationship's potential. If you really think it has potential, go for it. I know from experience that this still puts a strain on things more than the average student, but I wouldn't trade my S. There's also ways to be productive when you're traveling to see each other, such as listening to lecture mp3's in the car or basically anything if you're flying.

For MS2 year, I highly recommend listening to Goljan tapes in the car.

Life As A Med Student's Girlfriend

There were other students who had brought families along with them, so it wouldn't be a problem. Before he was even admitted to school, we lived two hours away from each. Relationships with family members can be complicated, and if someone is behaving abusively, that makes things even more complicated. I certainly think so. I certainly found that keeping the following advice in mind was essential for the success of our relationship:. MeatTornado , Dec 31,