Would you consider your man to be dedicated, committed and trustworthy? Is it possible that your man could only be with you for financial reasons- simply, is he a gold digger? In our current time and space, the narrative of women in relationships with gold digging men is oftentimes forgotten. Some individauls would likely state that women with any measure of intellect should know that a man is only with them for their money.

And, I would wholeheartedly agree with this statement- exclusive of gender. Gold digging activities occur everyday. In an effort to feel wanted or loved, certain women allow these types of men to take advantage of them. The following list is not all-inclusive but does represent some of the tangible indications that your man may be a gold digger who is more interested in your money than you:.

One just landed one with a rockstar lifestyle. Sorry for the typos in my last post. BEST WAY TO AVOID A GOLD DIGGER: There is little way to tell even with two years signs he dating you for your money dating, that someone is capable of quitting their college degree level job until after you are married. This article is just clickbait. As someone who has been taken by three gold digging men, they actually lavish you with attention, affection, and even gifts and favors until after you are married.

They are not stupid. They are sneaky and clever. They will rip your heart out of your body and stomp all over it. All three of my gold digging exes quit their jobs relatively soon after the wedding, never found long term, commesurate to their experience employment after the wedding, and lived off me until the dating a crazy girl I filed for divorce.

They are not this obvious. They are con signs he dating you for your money. They will do little to nothing before they have you under contract. Best way to avoid it is to actually marry someone with as much or more than you have. I Ain't Saying He's a Gold Digger, but…. The Jerk Files The World's Stage. This article is a little blatant…I mean seriously, I was looking for the subtle things men do-but then again, I don't think women need an article to tell them their man is a gold-digger. You should have put Alicia Keys and Fantasia's picture up there!

Both will be taken for their money by the men they currently love. This is becoming a major problem. There are too many men out here wanting a woman to take of them nowadays. It's a MAJOR turnoff. I have no respect for men like this who are content with letting a woman buy him things and take care of him like he's entitled or a kid. I don't get into these sort of problems because I don't buy guys gifts unless we dating sites in vienna austria deeply involved and even then, I don't shower them and I keep it simple.

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Are you listening Pant-tas-sia and Alezza Keys!


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