We also have a chat, just for us. You first have to register here, then click on this link and join okchat. Be sure to use your Reddit username so other users can recognize you! Skype before commuting for an in-person date? So I've recently become more open to dating guys in the two major cities in my location, even though I'm smack dab in online dating skype tips middle and getting to either city is a fair commute either drive 45 minutes and deal with the nightmare that is parking or spend hours on public transit depending on where we're meeting in the city.

Plus it's not like commuting will be any easier for them, online dating skype tips the exception of parking. I also prefer to start off with quick date activities like coffee or drinks partly because it prevents me from being trapped in a long date when we're clearly not clicking and the idea of spending more time commuting than on the actual date isn't super appealing. I'm thinking of asking to Skype with these guys first, just to make sure they've got decent social skills and can carry a conversation.

But I also know that it's hard to accurately judge chemistry and general body language over Skype, which could unfairly color both of our first impressions of each other. I feel like my other alternative is to schedule dates when I can meet up with friends before or after so the commute is worth it, or even set up multiple dates in the same city though I'd feel a bit weird about multiple dates on the same day and online dating skype tips that I'd be thinking of the next date rather than focusing on the current guy.

There is so much online dating skype tips isn't accounted for there. Some people are nervous outside their homes but comfortable at their desk. Conversely, some people are nervous and uncomfortable in front of a camera. It doesn't tell you anything about how they smell, how they move, how they react to people around them. Camera angles can be deceptive; you can't see them from additional perspectives to see if you're genuinely stressed.

Compression distorts the picture. Skype makes you think you're getting a complete picture of a person when you're only getting a very narrow introduction. It still gives you something. I don't think it's the worst idea. But it is a hoop you're asking someone to jump through, and not everyone wants to deal with that. I wouldn't try to force it or you may miss some real opportunities. Yeah you're right, some people are way more comfortable in certain communication mediums than others.

A smooth Skype date could be awkward in person and vice versa. Also a fair point that I'm creating a bit more of a hassle for them which may be a turnoff. I'll think about it a bit more, thanks! I can see that. I've only ever Skyped with family members or for job interviews so I have no idea what it'd feel like for a pseudo-date.

I've had a girl do this once and I said no. It didn't go much further. I'm not online dating skype tips through unnecessary hoops. Everyone else can risk meeting in person and going through that process. Why should someone get special treatment. Honestly, if a woman kind of hinted that she wouldn't want to go out on a date unless we skyped first, I would just say no thanks. I would make an online dating skype tips if I was really interested, but if it was someone I had just exchanged a few messages with, I wouldn't want to jump through that hoop and I would just pass.

Pre-first online dating skype tips phone calls or video chat just isn't for me, and the couple times I tried it, it was bad, so now I just say forget it. But you have to look at it from a woman's side. As a lady myself, I have been taught to be very cautious about men. Skype is a good idea to tell if he is a creep or not.

I mean, often times skype is used as a tool for safety not as a loop hole. You're making me tempted to try this just to get stories like that, haha. Thanks for the input! If a guy isn't willing to meet halfway I'll probably ask to Skype before I head up or down to their city. Maybe I've had bad luck with SF guys asking to meet near them. I have friends in San Mateo, I'll ask them for recs for good first date places. Yeah, I figured as much. I'm kind of glad I'm in the South Bay, my friends who live in SF and are on dating sites complain that some people aren't even willing to meet outside specific neighborhoods.

I have no real advice -- I personally don't meet up with someone unless I've spoken to them on the phone and know they can carry a conversation -- but dating in the city sucks and I refuse to do it anymore. Parking is a nightmare and then, if you do find a spot, good luck not getting your shit stolen my car has been broken into quite a few times, I don't even keep anything inside, gaaaah! Aw man, this is what I suspected re: My car hasn't been broken into yet but based on how often it's happened to friends it's probably only a matter of time.

I definitely prefer dating in Palo Alto and MV! In general I'm cool with anything between Redwood City and Sunnyvale. I just felt I was unfairly ruling out otherwise cool guys in SF and San Jose. This isn't really answering online dating skype tips question, but do people in the cities by you generally not have cars? If the guy drives you could ask to meet half way for the first date.

I know enough tree-hugging hippie types that this may be a biased sample, but I'd say half my friends who live in San Francisco don't have cars. You're right though, it's reasonable for me to ask them to meet halfway. I'd even be willing to meet near Caltrain if they're carless. There's no shortage of smart guys who like comic books and video games around here. The fact that I was tied up in a long distance relationship for a while seems all the more tragic now.

I've never really been one to enjoy talking on the phone because I can be awkward on the phone and easily distracted with stuff I'm around. I have who is lil wayne dating recently just texting back and forth for conversation and then just meeting in person. Which to me is a huge risk because I have a thing for voices With my current guy, it worked out though: We actually ended up Skyping while playing CSGO together before we even met.

It was way better than most other voice convos I've had because it wasn't your normal "Let's play the 20 question game" bullshit shenanigans.

Online dating leads to long distance love via Skype

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