The song serves as an anthem for those who seek hope, who want to pick themselves up off the ground, forget the ghosts of their past, and establish a new life. Thirty-seven years later, the song still resonates among the lonely. Most people are attached to their jobs and don't have the time to put themselves out there and meet new people.

The time-consuming commute only makes it harder to have an active social life in this bustling city. In one evening, participants have the opportunity to meet other singles. What makes speed dating different from typical bar scene is that participants have the same objective: To meet a potential match.

I tried to shake the anxious feeling as I was walking through a long, empty hall. This whole matchmaking thing is a new thing for me. I could sense fear and excitement merged in that dimly lit bar, the band playing everlasting and contemporary love songs to break the ice. But when the event finally started, the nervousness melted away and was replaced speed dating indonesian joy.

By now people often wonder, does speed dating work? How one can create chemistry and charm the opposite sex speed dating indonesian an unconventional way is the key. Most people, like me, feel awkward at first. But when the event gets rolling, you will enjoy speed dating indonesian adventure and the tingling suspense. Avoid cliche questions to prevent repetitiveness. Let your partner make guesses. Of course you cannot cross boundaries by asking sexually explicit questions.

The DateRace has a few simple rules. The participants are speed dating indonesian a number and a scorecard. Each participant has the chance to talk to 10 other partners for five minutes each and to speed dating indonesian at designated tables before the bell rings, announcing that time is up. Then on to the next table. But the question remains: Is five minutes enough time to fairly assess someone as a possible companion?

It may not be. There is nothing wrong with that. The DateRace Wednesday, April 4 7 p. Marley Bar, Energy Building, 2nd Floor, SCBD, Central Jakarta. Racing for Romance With Speed Dating i.

See you at Tech in Asia Speed Dating!

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