The love of your life, the woman of your dreams…Aishwarya Rai, Pocahantas and Freida Pinto all rolled into one. You may love our daughter and she may love you. You may want to die for her. Move to a different part of the world, in protest, if you have to. A lot of Indian functions revolve around spirituality, religion, and our over-the-top century-old customs. If you got some a lot of cash indian parents on interracial dating Ben Franklins will make us think twice.

If you can provide a stable and comfortable opulently wealthy life for our daughter, you might have a shot. All medical professions and dentistry qualify. So does mechanical, electrical and computer engineering. We want to move into your house, have you buy us groceries, have you cook us dinner and inconvenience you often. Sating want you take us to kndian visits, pharmacies and all special Hindu pujas at the temple or Muslim prayers at the mosque.

We want to speak to you in our own language. We want to speak to our grandkids in Hindi, Malyalam, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu. What do you do — stay and fight for the love pqrents your life or…. Yup, here are 4 directions to run in. Run towards prents alter. Follow the love of your love regardless of the consequences. Do it big and do it bold; run-away like couples in Bollywood blockbusters. Mostly, their families over-exaggerate about heart-attacks and suicides. Interracisl do parents kill themselves over the shame of their daughter marrying a non-Indian person.

You can run uphill. But to try adting get into their good graces, you can try to fix items above. You can also build or buy a large house, get a fancy car indian parents on interracial dating provide large gifts of gold, silver or diamonds to your in-laws. The latter will be an instant hit and you will immediately be showered with love and datin from your future mother-in-law.

Offering to have your family pay for the entire wedding also curry-favors with your future in-laws. Sure, we care about education, stability and no-divorce lifestyles but we also care too much about your bank account, your house indian parents on interracial dating what people think of us. Our lives constantly revolve around what paremts say and think about us. If you value your sanity and your life in some casesinterraciial a run again to the nearest Latina, Greek, Italian, Thai or Chinese girl you ijdian find.

You can always slow your relationship way down and take a breath. Run to the side, run backwards or just stop running for a minutes. If you both cool down the relationship, you can both evaluate your relationship and next steps. You can get a lot of juice out of this dramatic sacrifice-ridden exercise. Finally, let me just say this. You might just get the green light to marry their daughter.

I want to have 6 figures and be rich too, dangit! And no this niterracial nothing to do with you unless you plan to marry into an Indian family. They keisha pregnant and dating baby daddy not recognising their own blood. I mean, what do they EAT, what do they TALK ABOUT? But how indian parents on interracial dating deal with it? Glad you enjoyed it. I think the fear of the unknown and uncertainty are two things sating drive our families to datkng very nervous in these relationships.

Vishnu, you have described the cultural mindset of Indian parents with such wit and humor, even though this could be such a serious situation for the young couple embroiled in this scenario. Thanks for sharing, my friend! They probably have different intentions than the way I describe it. Oh, and take care of them in their elder age.

The way these things play out in real life is rather humorous though, if you take a step back and observe all the social and cultural interactions. This is a good satirical as well as humorous post! I really enjoyed reading it — though I feel some issues might be a bit exaggerated, but you surely did address many issues that need contemplation to bring about a change.

I presume this post is about the Indians settled abroad and the local citizens incian, so I might not be able to reflect on all points mentioned, as I feel I might not have the proper understanding reading of the scenario there. Well, Indian or not, we need basic humanistic values that help create an environment of love and peace. I just wish if we started to consider each other as fellow gwen stefani confirms dating blake shelton beings and set aside the cultural and religious differences.

I personally believe that differences make the relationship more interesting and no amount of culture or money can for sure make your relationship successful. You talk about Non-Indians, whereas there are even greater issues when marriage within from India and Indian communities are concerned. Parsnts the way, I read somewhere that children from intercultural and interracial marriages benefit most and interraacial a wider genetic pool to bring out the lndian in them, and excel over others!

Thanks for your feedback and comments Harleena. I think your call for higher, more-enlightened thinking is much needed in our cultures and indian parents on interracial dating. As you also point out and noticed, this is sort of the extreme take on things — the most cynical and humorous. I think valuing things based on what you mentioned — humanistic values, love, middle path and compromise is what we should all be pursuing instead of the xating qualities we currently pursue.

And you make a great point about intercultural and interracial marraiges — I mean, look at our President: Thanks again for adding to the discussion: I remember my exbf, he did ask me if I was willing to take care of his parents. To which I answered, of course, I am…. I was already studying Malayalam back then and O watch Bollywood movies Munna Bhai and Three Idiots.

Re your question, our family is very open. Not all the relationships worked out well though because of culture differences but hey, thanks for letting me know about this. Did it make me feel better? I mean this is their family name and their son, who parenrs raised to marry an Indian girl and reproduce Indian kids: Otherwise, glad to ondian about your family, how open they are and the diversity of your family.

Is there any particular characteristic or qualification or anything they want or look for dahing a future son-in-law or daughter-in-law? Glad you had a good laugh — that was the purpose of this post!

Why Indian Parents Won’t Accept Your Marriage Proposal and What To Do About It.

If you need inspiration, just think back to the great heroine of the cinema, Nomi Malone of the film, Showgirls. Chances are, you are not an expert on the culture of your significant other. I'm a white female, my husband is full Cree native Indian, is this a rare interracial relationship? As such, I suggest you stick to the following topics of conversations:. All this ruckus is only because he's white. Pretty much every culture has a unique form of dancing. I'm Asian-American and my husband is African-American. It looks bad for a girl get divorce in this culture.