Powered by neoforums v3. Posts Threads Forums Series Members Products. Thread title From Last replied Now searching Login Forgot your password? All Saints Row Forums. Apr 23, 11 at 4: That's Not Good News At All Neo: Apr 23, 11 at The idea of a relationship comes with a seriousness that wouldn't fit with either the game's ethos or the characters within. There has been a sole focus to the desires of the leader of the Saints so far, and any sort of romance would be the first major diversion from that.

In my experiences, the game with a genuine romance sub-plot tend to be the ones with deep character and plot development too, and certainly well above the level of what holds the SR universe together. Your comment above a rival gang member would be interesting, however, and I actually wouldn't mind seeing something like happen as a semi-isolated chapter. However, I think if they're to do it, it has to be with a named rival, rather than just a generic one, and then that means they would probably have to give some thought in how to integrate it, given that they would probably need to have both a male and female potential partner.

Another smartass threadkiller Neolithic 1 total posts: I really don't like the way GTA IV gave the main guy 2 storyline girlfriends. That is just really lame. I mean, the way the first one of them turned out be an under cover government agent, was a pretty good plot twist, but the second one was just a waste. I guess it would make sense, if there was mostly 3 missions, that introduced the main guy to someone, but after that, it should be entirely up to the player, if he wants to start going on dates.

That could make the game's storyline very interesting. Step into the Paranormal. Apr 23, 11 at 5: Apr 23, 11 at 6: Yeah, and not just that, but a relationship between you and a rival gang member would either be 1 genuine, but you have to keep it under wraps, or 2 a trap, cynically "using" the rival to extract info, or vice versa - the rival gang member may be using YOU when you let your guard down. It may be a trap! Oooh weee, I'd be on the edge of my seat. Memento, you do have a valid point about a relationship making the game too serious.

I don't want to see any serious drama romance in this game. It would have to be fairly subtle and lighthearted. After all, Gat and Aisha had a relationship, but the game didn't draw too much attention to it, and I didn't think it bogged the game down in any way. If they were to have it like that, then it MIGHT be able to fit in with the game. And Randome, that choices thing would be awesome. They should probably give you just two choices though, because I'm assuming they'd have to make several alternate storylines otherwise, and that would be pretty cumbersome for both the developers and the player.

If I was wrapped up in the game, then I'd totally freeze and contemplate for a while about which choice to take, LOL. Also, if it's an insignificant part of the game with a random gang saints row 3 dating, then they probably would alter the cutscene based on the sex of your character. Though, I could also imagine the developers NOT changing it, and just make it a lesbian relationship if your character is a girl. Hypothetically, if Shaundi blazed on loa dust tried to make a move on you back in SR2, I think that would have been the case irregardless of whether your character was a guy or a girl.

Apr 23, 11 at 7: Apr 23, 11 at 8: I like how there are trade-offs both ways. Though, they would have to give some sort of an incentive to keep her as a girlfriend, because losing the gang HQ would be saints row 3 dating major blow. Didn't it vary with GTA, with some girlfriends giving you better healing, discounts at stores, etc? Even saints row 3 dating, I'm not sure if I'd choose to keep her as a girlfriend in that scenario.

They'd probably have to combine a few smaller things to make it worth it. I'm sure they'd be able to come up with something Man, that would be an epic twist in the storyline. I'd almost prefer thatover just a random thing with Shaundi or someone else in your own gang. A True Bo-liever Neo: Apr 24, 11 at 2: I don't want to see a romance between your guy and another character.

Anyone play GTA IV to the end? Well, emotionally, I was not affected. If the main character is supposed to be you, ad you feel nothing for saints row 3 dating main characters lover, then you, most likely, will not feel anything if they live or die. Now, I was into the romances between Aisha and Gat, and even Lin and Donnie form the previous games.

I wasn't forced to feel anything ukraine dating sites 100 free them; all I did was saints row 3 dating the feelings they had for each other. The tragic occurrences in those games affected me more than GTA IV because it wasn't me losing someone I felt nothing for, it was my friend losing someone they felt for.

Anyway, that's my saints row 3 dating. No romance for you, but your friends, sure. And anyone remember the strip club cutscene in SR2 with Pierce? Regardless of sex, it stays the same. It was hilarious watching it when I played co-op with my buddy. I was a dude, he was a girl. Add that to the cutscene dialogue already, and it became one of my favorite moments in the game. Apr 24, 11 at 6: I really hope that this isn't included. For some reason, I just don't see relationships being a part of a game as "gritty" yet also "Funny" as Saints Row.

Apr 27, 11 at 3: That's definitely NO time for such shenanigans. Then again, Shaundi isn't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer If there are relationships in the game involving the main character, then it saints row 3 dating be kept fairly low-key. I still think it's a pretty bad idea. What would be the incentive for doing so? Discounts at clothing stores?

I'd just buy the damn clothing store at that point. Apr 27, 11 at 5:


Now SR3 feels like Amazing game, I ended up loving SR2 thanks to the nostalgia factor of playing the old GTA's in a better, different way. While both hold a mirror up to reality, the reflections are vastly different. While Shaundi has been known to do drugs and is witnessed consuming them in Saints Row 2 [21] , she appears to be very healthy. In Saints Row IV , there are two Shaundis, with a third Shaundi introduced in How the Saints Save Christmas. The specific missions where we learn about Shaundi should be used as references for each fact.