A subreddit for stories involving Asian parents and the crazy, funny, frustrating, stupid or interracixl interesting encounters you've had with them. Also for discussion of anything that relates to Asian parents. Don't know what flair to use? Let's be honest, most Asian interracial couples are with whites and it's more socially acceptable in society in this day and age esp. At least yall have it a bit asian parents interracial dating. My boyfriend is black and I've been getting shit from both my family and society asian parents interracial dating years.

The racial hierarchy that many traditional parents believe in is asian parents interracial dating vicious. My family urges me to parnts his "thug", "dark" ass for a white guy who "will treat an Asian girl right". I'm Chinese-Viet and my family believes that we must either marry Asian some exceptions apply or white. White because we will "climb" the social ladder. They can't see through the bullshit stereotypes and refuse to meet him. I've even had Asian friends mainly females who stick to dating other Asians or whites make rude and racist comments and interracil sucks.

I love my boyfriend and that's what matters. I just hope that my family will learn to accept him for who he is because I love my family too. Interracial dating has never crossed my mind. I'm gay, and I think that the color of my partner's skin will play very little when my parents find out that she is a woman. For the record, I've dated across the spectrum. I keep my dating life very private from my parents. I never even bring my friends home to visit my parents, let alone who I date.

As far as my parents are concerned, I'm still a virgin. Same, lesbian queerio here. I don't plan on telling my romantic life with them. It's none of their business. It's a damn shame our communities asian parents interracial dating Westboro Baptist Church strict on our dating lives. It's weird talking about your romantic life especially being the only daughter with your parents but asian parents interracial dating I hit that 20 mark, my mom wouldn't shut up.

Someone once told me that dsting parents don't want their kids to be gay because it's already hard enough being colored in this society. Your dating life is your business and happiness and if they can't look beyond your partner's gender, then it's their loss. Best azian to all of you. White lesbian here - I've been with a few asian women. One of them even told me directly that even though she didn't like dudes she would end up in a housewife role because she had no choice and bam, there she is.

The worst of all though, was the asian GF who dumped me right after graduation, and did so in a public place, with her new boyfriend in tow. She told me that lesbian wasn't actually a real thing you could be - it's just something women did to attract men to them, or because they were too disgusting to get a boyfriend, and that it was time for her to grow up best free vegetarian dating sites begin a family now that she had graduated.

She also begged me to find a boyfriend before i graduated too, because if I didn't I would be too old to be considered by anybody. She lost her house, her job, got fat and depressive, etc. This niterracial years ago at this point. I have her blocked on all forms of social media. Interraxial once a asian parents interracial dating or so, she manages to slip past the no-contact barrier in order to tell me how awesome her life is now with her asian parents interracial dating boyfriend who is a different guy every time and how pathetic I am for still having sex with other women, or for still living with roommates and not owning my own place, or for going back to school, or for whatever else she can glean from the public side of asian parents interracial dating profiles.

I think she's exclusively lesbian, and both her and her family was banking everything on her new acceptable asian husband I think, as long as I'm alive, I'm a reminder of a part of herself that she's been trying to bury for nearly a decade without success, all because of her family. I doubt they will never getting past that kind of problems, it's up to our generation to think properly that and stop pulling the same bullshit asiaan our children, after all.

Are you seriously upset over others' struggles dating white people not being as hard as the ones involving dating black people? That's like oarents one side can't be happy since they're not allowed to have it better than you, which is kind of pathetic itself. Naturally, and sadly, whites will have it considerably easier than blacks. However, that doesn't mean white people will always avoid serious racism issues as well.

I know there are exceptions, particularly among the younger Asians, but our community is hard on blacks, period. And you don't even want to think about how black are treated anywhere in Asia. China being the worst. Fuck the model minority myth, making Asians feel entitled to blacks and browns because we a little "closer" to the whites. Blacks are sometimes fetishized in Asia nowadays LOL look at Korean pop some of they dropping N-words and bastardizing black culture to look hip and some Japanese subcultures.

As the great Kanye spit in When It Falls Down: Do Asians who subscribe to this idea realize that that still makes them inferior to whites? Like how back in the days of slavery, there were "House Slaves"who might have been off-spring vating the master of the plantation, so they had "whiter" features and were therefore "more presentable", and worked in the house rather than in the fields? Or the self imposed post-colonial caste system African Americans set for themselves based on skin colour post abolition?

Is this what elder Asians and people of our generation they really want for our community in North America moving forward? Especially since it's set to look asian parents interracial dating we and Latinos will make up the bulk of the population in 50 years? Do they want this to become Rhodesia? I love that song to this day but Stacey Dash in that video irks me Sadly, this is the type datlng mentality that exists in our communities.

Like the lighter skinned house slaves, some Asians who have more Western looking features are often held in higher regard it's also worthy to note that colorism also exists amongst Asians but not quite to the extent of black people.

Help! Strict Asian Parents Against Interracial Dating

This was years ago at this point. The Truly Incredible Way Your Brain Changes When You Are In Love. I spoke to my asian girl friends and many of them has said that generally asian parents even support their daughters in dating white men, but when it comes to black or african men, its strongly advised against. My mom has always said "No relationships until college" and that "When you're 21 you can be free and make your own decisions. A Look at Spidey's New Costume for Infinity War. Headstar24 , Mar 24, BlackWolf and GaemzDood like this. Dude was cool with letting me sleep over. Mar 24, 5. My family has a trust fund for my tuition and offers to cover my other expenses such as phone bills and credit cards.