I'm not much given to cursing. But can I just use the phrase "spineless assholes" over here? I think it's apt. This is exactly what happened to me and I plan to commit suicide. V and I were together 7 years and we lived together. When his parents visited from India he made me move out. They ate the palak paneer I made but I was not allowed tk meet them.

I saw them at the grocery store and he looked at me like I was poo so I turned around and left. He then said he was going to India for two weeks to help his parents "paint". I asked him if he was getting arranged. He lied and said no. He came back engaged. He post poned it for 5 months and we lived together. Dating a man in an arranged marriage hecwas jn India he called me allot and said he loved me. It was months before I saw him again. He wanted to visit but I refused.

I shaved my head and barely got out of bed for 4 months. Then his gold digging whore had to go back to India for her visa. She was gone 5 months. He lived with me. Now she is back and I have not seen him for a month. I have given away all my things and am going to kill myself with charcoal. I love him more than life. He lied to me while she was away and said he made a mistake snd would divorce her for me.

When she returned he texted me that he did not mean it and woukd not leave her. I am scared to kill myself, it is actually extremely hard I'm so sorry you feel your life isn't worth finding something new, worth living for, worth BEing again. Remember who you were before all this drama. Please talk to someone you love and reconnect with someone from before Your family loves you, even if you're somewhat estranged.

If you don't feel comfortable, it is because you care You are second guessing for a reason, you have a reason to live. Get help at a hospital if necessary Take care of you, get help please!! Anonymous - Please do not do this, do not dating a man in an arranged marriage your life over your ex. I cannot even fathom your pain and hurt over what he has done to you, but it's not worth ending your life over. Leave the past behind and commit to healing yourself.

Every moment is a chance to turn it all around, every day is a fresh start. You have the potential to have a nice life, find love again, and you can speak out about this and help others. Please rise above the hurt and pain. The only way to get through hard times is to just keep going and keep surviving, until you heal. Some wounds hurt so badly but I promise you they will heal with time. Please do not give up. Anonymous, do not take such a definitive step because of your ex.

He doesn't deserve your love, he is a spineless jerk. And he certainly isn't worth dying for either. Break ups are always hard, even harder when you have been cheated the way you have, but please, learn to love yourself first. Love yourself with all your heart, give yourself some credit. You are an awesome person who can do wonderful things. Look at you, you learned to cook Indian food, you tried to learn as much as you can about someone else's culture.

I am absolutely convinced you have achieved a great many things in your life. A life that is just starting how fair would it be to just remove you pure awesomeness from this world? Removing this awesomeness that you are over a jerk that could not even stand by your side. You are way above his league darling!

I know you are hurt, feel betrayed, and wonder how you can even go on, these are normal feelings after a breakup. And it is more than OK to ask for help. So, before you use that charcoal, consider all your other options, call your local suicide helpline, find your local social assistant office, or women help shelter, they will listen to you, take care of you and help you through this storm, they won't judge you. Please take care of yourself. It's the same with me now. He just tell me that he don't want his parent feel bad he can sacrifice his own happiness but what about me?.

I sacrifice also my own happiness to be with him and the most hurtful one is he is the first who take my virginity I don't know if there is still a man who will stand bfore me and fight with me even if I'm not complete and virgin anymore. Well guess what fellow firangi bahus, I have an Indian nephew whom is getting married to his Indian fiancee in India while his Australian girlfriend just gave birth to his daughter in Australia.

Neither the Indian fiancee nor the Australian girlfriend know about each other. How do you know about it? How am I going to introduce the Indian fiancee to the Australian girlfriend if the fiancee is in India and the girlfriend is in Australia? How do I know about it? The Australian girlfriend recently came to visit my nephew with his new daughter at his place of business in Delhi.

The Indian fiancee lives dating a man in an arranged marriage Srinagar and has never been to Delhi. Karma might just kick him in the ass very soon. Omgkeeping the grudge aside. You can save both the girls life. I know it is dating a man in an arranged marriage to tell the family lest they put the blame on you instead of their spineless son. But i feel even the Australian gf should leave him. He doesn't deserve any of them. I haven't met the Australian gf, but I have met the Indian fiancee in Srinagar.

The Indian fiancee is a very sweet, simple, young girl. I do not think she has any clue how AWFUL my nephew is. Recently, my nephew has announced the first thing he will do on his wedding night is slap his new wife so she know's who's in charge. What a charmer, eh? Nothing can be done about that situation but this girl can still dating cowgirls the engagement.

So last night karma took it's toll. Someone told Australian gf that my nephew is engaged to be married to an Indian woman. IT WAS NOT ME. I did not get to see or hear it but Australian gf with infant daughter in tow was on the street in front of my nephew's business in Delhi SCREAMING IN RAGE. We all learned that Australian gf is really MARRIED to my nephew, so she is Australian wife.

Some other rather sordid details came out also- my nephew is also married to a 68 yr old German woman and a 56 yr old British woman. My nephew's engagement to the Indian woman is now KHATTAM through, finished as news of his 3 wives quickly travelled via the Indian gossip route from Delhi to Srinagar.

Are you dating a married man?

That is why it is so important for young people to completely consecrate themselves to the Lord while they are single. Mai-Otome goes through the setup for this with Mashiro and Takumi - both escape from an arranged meeting that Mashiro's staff hopes will lead to better things and meet incognito in the poor side of town. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff tvtropes. Marriages are arranged for political reasons, to cement alliances between royal families. The process is goal-oriented, beautiful and respectful. These informational seeds continued to germinate until her ex kicked in the front door of their home. That was the night I became faithful to my husband-to-be, not having met him yet.