A friend and fellow blogger I realize I have no shame linking to her like that has decided it's time to find Mr. Menschy Right and over numerous gmail chat sessions, we have totally jewish dating digging through dating sites and profiles … Total,y More. Menschy Right and over numerous gmail chat sessions, we have been digging through dating sites and profiles and such and found some things you might have overlooked.

I can't say I can personally vouch for any of these, but let's assume that by my listing them I have not personally heard anyone say a date from any of these totally jewish dating resulted in calling the cops, getting matched with a relative or otherwise grossed-out and a couple of these sites even resulted in some hot bashert -y action for a few people I know. You've probably heard totalpy it. Maybe you've been intimidated to use it because you don't call yourself frum?

It's not all frum, give it a whirl. So what if only three people I know heard of this site prior to my asking about it? There were some decent-looking menschy types on the totwlly I ttoally around on, so ya nevah know. A Jewish Dating Site. So what if the first couple you see jewisu you click over is dressed in circa finery? Old is new, bitches. Give a little try. Okay, slight bias here. I am sort of kind of BFFs with and rumored to be related to the or one of the masterminds behind this one.

But, I can at least vouch for it's datingg in that way, eh? Saw You At Sinai. Well, with a catchy little name like that, what's bad? Look for their cute "You had me a Shalom" bookmarks at all the MOT get-togethers. Or I'll give you one sometime. I have like eight, for reals. What giant smiles on the front page! Totally jewish dating tofally happy those two are! They are so peas and carrots. So you meet the love of your life on totally jewish dating website that sounds like a funk band.

Something about this title reminds me of how little old ladies introduce same-sex couples when they're trying really, really hard to be cool. Speaking of oddly-used quotes, this is a great blog sent unto me today. Hey, if that's your bag, you might as wel. Nice website, friendly-looking people, eh, why not? I'm not positive you can be terribly successful if you are datijg other than straight here, fyi. I enjoy the retro trivia.

Let My Datiny Go. The title alone should get you clicking. The bears on the site creep me out, but otherwise, yeah, seems jewiah. Here's what you do. Go into your group m4w, w4m, m4m, w4w, whateverset your age range and then scroll down after you do the search totally jewish dating there is totally jewish dating RSS feed option. What the fuck does that mean? It means you'll get any new ads that fit your criteria in the form of an update in your RSS reader bloglines, etc.

Seems to be one of those sites people either really like or really don't like, but it's a site, it's social and it's Jewy. SIGN UP Jewishh JEWCY NEWS! Follow us on Twitter How kvetching strategically!

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