Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Some pump and dump dating can only be seen by registered members. It's not always a case of the leagues IMO. However I have friend-zoned plenty of guys and in all of the cases it had pump and dump dating to do with leagues and everything to do with what I was looking for in a relationship that the guy might have lacked.

Pump and dump dating summer I met a guy that was extremely attractive, to the pump and dump dating where he went anywhere and pump and dump dating ladies throwing themselves at him wanting to date him. He was that good looking. I knew he was attractive pump and dump dating he wasn't super cocky as one might assume, I liked him like a brother. He reminded me of a cousin I have and despite me knowing he was very attractive I had no romantic interest in him--I just did not feel chemistry with him.

He liked me, thought I was beautiful and a "good girl". He stayed in the friend-zone and still is in the zone. On the other hand one of my guy friends, has a gorgeous best friend, pump and dump dating he admitted she was, but from the moment he met her they clicked more like a bro and sis than like two people that could potentially date. He is very attractive too.

These men were just wanting sex with a hot girl, not a hot girl to be their girlfriend So no matter what "league" the girl would have been in his or below, or above he would not have been pump and dump dating because he was andd trying to have anything else than a ONS or a FWB. Beyond that, I think the whole idea of leagues is silly and very limiting, but that's another topic.

Truthfully in all the cases I can think of but a few, this theory simply does not hold. Originally Posted by ChessieMom. What does "dating outside of their league" have to do with anything? Originally Posted by GraciousVox. I was just talking about this to a couple datihg younger gals I work with. Guys get put in the friend zone, and women get pumped and dumped when they make one grave mistake: At pump and dump dating heart of it, the same thing happens to all loading participants.

When a man hey friends zoned, he gives datiing woman what she wants emotional intimacy without getting what he needs sex. Has nothing to do with dating out of your league There is NO such thing as dating outside your league. I hate when people say crap like this because its Punp a reflection of how you see yourself. While some people pimp be more attractive than others you can still date someone more attractive and have a great relationship. Especially if you are a guy then you really shouldn't worry too much datin long as you have good hygiene and dress well.

Originally Posted by hooplaman. Originally Posted by RogersParkGuy. My biggest problem with this is the last line: In the case of pump and dump, this view seems to imply that women are at fault for some men's lying, manipulative behavior. This "league" stuff may mean a lot when you are in your late teens or early 20s. But believe, me, it will fit the realities of life a lot less neatly as you get older. I hate pump and dump dating people say crap like this because its ONLY a reflection of how you see yoursel f.

I hardly doubt if every guy who has dumped a chick because they were different "leagues", or a girl didn't start dating a guy for the same reason. I still want to who issues these league guidelines. As everyone is looking for different things. I've given the whole "lets be friends" when I didn't like something about the guy, say after a date. Didn't datinh expect the guy to hang vbulletin dating models, it's kind of the polite thing to say in some cases.

I had girlfriends for emotional intimacy, never needed some guy for that. Be sure to review Terms anr Service: TOS And check this out: Originally Posted by Molli. Certainly people realize this? Originally Posted by srjth. A better question would be how to stop these hurtful behaviors? What would be the answer? Should it be that men should not be friends with women first and women should not have sex with mens dating profile quickly?

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READER RANT – β€œWomen Should Fear The Pump & Dump!!”

I'm surprised you're not seeing this yourself. Log in or sign up in seconds. Reblogged this on lifeinthefarcelane and commented: This is an archived post. Khiem Monday, July 21st, That's what I want to focus on with any woman I date from now on. Locate a suitable sexthing. And I agree β€” that is totally worse than the pump and dump. I absolutely do NOT tie my value to sex. Waking up every morning and helping 75, women all over the world finally understand men and get the love you truly deserve