These systems can be used to k ar dating lab samples as young as 2, years, and as old as the Earth itself 4. System 1 features an K ar dating lab C mass spectrometer with a Nier source, datting Faraday and stationery Balzers electron multiplier detectors, and sr collector slit. The mass spectrometer is mated on-line to a fully automated extraction line with two C getters and a cryogenic condensation trap. Samples are loaded into a UHV chamber mounted on an automated translating x-y stage and degassed with aW Coherent Inova 90 continuous argon-ion laser.

A video k ar dating lab and monitor allow magnified observation of the sample chamber. An automated air pipette system allows periodic monitoring of sensitivity and mass discrimination. All aspects of sample degassing, gettering, and mass spectrometry are controlled by software developed by BGC, and run on a Macintosh computer. System 2 features an MAP mass spectrometer, which is similar to the MAP C on System 1 in most respects except that it uses an electrostatic filter in conjunction with the electron multiplier detector.

The extraction line is analogous in all respects to that of System 1 datibg that it uses a Nd-YAG laser, which can be used in either continuous or pulsed mode. The furnace uses infrared radiation from the crucible, calibrated against either optical pyrometry or thermocouple measurements, to provide feedback to the power supply. System 3 features a custom-designed MAP mass spectrometer with dual electron multipliers permitting simultaneous measurement of masses 36 and 40 in addition to a retractable Faraday cup.

The mass spectrometer is mated to a highly flexible extraction line dubbed "Nexus", with a CO 2 laser. Twin sample chambers allow bake-out of one while the other is engaged in analysis. Sample temperature during datkng heating can be measured via a Mikron two-color infrared pyrometer system. BGC Ridge Road Berkeley, CA Phone daitng

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The Wikibook Historical Geology has a page on the topic of: Variations in this data may point to errors anywhere in the process, which is why all the steps of preparation are recorded in detail. Feldspars — K-feldspar and plagioclase. Due to the long half-life , the technique is most applicable for dating minerals and rocks more than , years old. Certain assumptions must be satisfied before the age of a rock or mineral can be calculated with the Potassium-Argon dating technique. Matt Loewen PhD Student Caribbean LIP Project. Then the gas sample is cleaned of all unwanted gasses such as H 2 O, CO 2 , SO 2 , nitrogen and so on until all that remains are the inert gasses , argon among them. This method is commonly called "argon-argon dating. The Stretch Stretch Details Upcoming Stretch Stretch Alternatives.