Send questions for Cecil Adams to: Your direct line to thousands of the smartest, hippest people on the planet, plus a few total dipsticks. Publishers - interested in subscribing to the Straight Dope? Is this bias changing? User Name Remember Me? Password Register FAQ Calendar. Women are more reluctant than men to date or marry pharmacist dating a doctor socio-economically. There's an inbuilt bias professional women have against dating "down" s.

A male doctor might marry a nurse and no roctor would blink. A female doctor would be much more likely to require same or higher social status to her own in her potential SO or partner. Is this bias changing now that women are assuming more high status roles and their earning power often eclipses that of their potential dating and mating prospects? Many younger woman don't care about this as much, IME. Let's not make it out to be that it's only women who have problems marrying someone lower on the socio-economic laddder.

Many, many men still have problems being with women who s more money than them. Alice The Pharmacist dating a doctor View Public Profile Find all posts by Alice The Goon. This is pharmacist dating a doctor, of course, but among my college classmates, we've all been employed more than a decade pharmadist and most of us make pretty decent money.

Several of my girlfriends who are married make considerably more than their husbands do. Based on various discussions among pharmacist dating a doctor single girlfriends, we don't object to dating folks who introvert guy dating introvert girl less. Last edited by Barrett Datihg at Barrett Bonden View Public Profile Find all posts by Barrett Bonden.

I've been reading A History of Women: Renaissance and Enlightenment Paradoxesand quite early on in the book they analyze how this was true hundreds of years ago in class-stratified Europe: Men were allowed to marry down socioeconomically, but women were not. Women were only pharmacist dating a doctor same-level or upper marriages. Johanna View Public Profile Find all posts by Johanna. Class is about a lot more than money: I think that a concert pianist marrying a plumber would raise eyebrows even if he made considerably more than she did.

Class is more about education, background, and mannerisms than it is about the size of your paycheck. If anything, I think the trend is more the other way: Pharmacisy think there's more pressure on pharmacist dating a doctor these days to marry women from their own class than there once was. I teach pharmacist dating a doctor school, and when a guy at my work married a hairdresser, there were more than a few catty comments.

I imagine that it would be even more dramatic if we were a law firm. Manda JO View Public Profile Find pharmacist dating a doctor posts by Manda JO. Originally Posted by Manda JO. Originally Posted by astro. I'm puzzled by this, what kind of catty comments would there be re a male teacher marrying a female hairdresser. Not that elementary and high school teachers aren't wonderful and valuable people, but it's generally seen as a solidly middle class occupation so is being a professional hair dresser.

Did both male and female teachers make these comments? Also, leaving that aside--because it's a hijack of my broader point--do you pharmacist dating a doctor think a male lawyer or doctor marrying a hairdresser wouldn't be remarked on? The income difference doesn't seem to be so socially unfashionable if the man has less education. Especially if he's doing traditional manly work like contracting, which can pay well and has a bit of a sexy connotation. OTOH, if you both have masters' or doctorates and he isn't earning more, it's questionable.

Beware of Doug View Public Profile Find all posts by Beware of Doug. I'm a female doctor. My fiance is a restaurant manager when we first met, he was a security guard. He is going phwrmacist school right now, but odds are that it will be a long time if ever before he catches up to me economically. I actually know a lot of YOUNG female doctors who are married to guys who work low-paying, less "prestigious" job. I do think that nowadays, women who are earning pharmacist dating a doctor in their own careers ddoctor see the sense in pursuing guys who earn as much.

My own thinking is that I have enough money for myself as it is and don't need anyone else to provide for me. I do think that in the past, female doctors tended to hold out for guys who were their economic "equals" but that probably contributed to why women with higher education were more likely to stay single. Before I met my current partner, I tended to date a lot of engineers because they tended to be intelligent and scientifically literate two traits that my current partner doctr has, despite not being in a profession that directly relatesbut I enjoyed the fact that I could get away from work when I was with a non-medical person.

Plus there's the issue that many women see marrying a doctor as "winning the jackpot" so you're faced with a lot more competition when you aim only for doctors or other "rich guys". Last edited by lavenderviolet; at Originally Posted by lavenderviolet.

11 Kinds Of Doctors You Are Likely To Date In Singapore

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