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I've been speaking to a Turkish man for the last month, and we like each other very very much I discussed religion with him last night, and while he made me promise to read the quran i wanted to any way he maintains that I don't have to believe, I discussed religion with him last night, and while he made me promise to read the quran i dating a muslim guy yahoo to any way he maintains that I don't have to believe, just read He doesn't seem very religious, and he wishes to stay in turkey, which is fine for me I prefer to live outside the states Does anyone have experience dating a muslim, or marrying one for that matter And I have no problem educating my children on their fathers faith, I DO believe at a certain age its their choice what to believe and would like to educate them on all religions as well He doesn't seem to have a bad temper I have seen him frustrated, language difficulties, and he seems pretty level headed Dating a muslim guy yahoo haven't any idea how his family will receive me He may not be able to get a visa through the u.

I can't leave due to probation I really like him, even more than like, and he feels the same way Can this relationship happen? Everyone around me is telling me I'm insane and that I should just stone myself now and get it over with I've heard stories of muslim men beating their wives Would he marry me if I didn't convert? I'm very open minded, but don't really want to commit to a religion Anyone have any experience?

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Trending Now Robert Pattinson Fireball ride Shannon Beador Howard Stern Allen Crabbe Chevrolet Truck Lease Virat Kohli Barbara Sinatra Xfinity TV Independent Senior Living. I have not had experience with dating a Muslim man, but experience would vary. It really depends upon whether is is very strict Muslim, or doen't dating a muslim guy yahoo follow the rules.

Under Sharia, he can not legally marry you, as Muslims men are only allowed to marry a non-Muslim woman IF they are Christian or Jewish - they are not legally allowed to marry a pagan, athiest, etc. However, Turkey is secular and doesn't govern under Sharia for now, at leastso you should be able to legally marry him there. However, it's pretty doubtful that his family would accept you not being Muslim, or at least Christian.

You should talk with him about that, as only he knows what his family would be like. Even if they are "out of the decision process", they may be rude and terrible to you, which would really put a strain on the marriage. Also, if he is strict Muslim enough to want to follow the Islamic rules for marriage, you really need to know what you are getting yourself into.

Under Islam, the woman surrenders her will to the husband, who is in charge of her. She must obey him. If she doesn't obey him, then he is allowed to punish her until she does - by means of withholding food and clothing from her, and finally, as a last step, beating her. A wife is not allowed to deny her husband sex - she must perform dating a muslim guy yahoo him whenever he wants unless she is menstrating or so sick or injured that it would cause her physical harm.

This is Islamic law. I'm not saying he would hold you to these rules, but you need to be aware. Also, Islamic law does allow a man to take up to 4 wives, regardless of the other wives' wishes. Polygamy is not legal in Turkey, but it is still practiced there by marrying other women under Islamic law, but not legally under Turkey law. Also, be aware that if you had children with him, and you divorced, and you were living in a country that had Sharia law, you would have absolutely no right to your children once they have been weaned.

Child custody generally goes to the man after the child reaches a certain age, but if the wife is not a Muslim, then she is considered an unfit mother under Sharia, and she has not right to custody at all unless she is still breastfeeding. You should definitely research this and be aware of your rights. Oh, and best dating sites for mumbai far as the religion of any children born, it is Islamic law that the children MUST be raised Muslim.

But again, he may not enforce this depending upon how strict he is. I dated a Sunni Muslim from Pakistan for a year. He kept me a secret from his family dating a muslim guy yahoo whole time, controlled me, emotionally abused me, accused me of cheating on him even dating a muslim guy yahoo my male relatives even though I wasn't he was the one cheating on me the whole time He had a horrible temper.

Although he never hit me, he called me the most vile things, threw things at me, and smashed my things. I don't care if I seem racist or not to you. It's the truth, this man will control you and try to ruin your life. Btw, I too was charmed by his good looks and intelligence at first. You need to ask serious questions. Did you ask him to read the bible? Bashing of woman is a major factor, does he dating a muslim guy yahoo you are equal or maybe even better than him?

Never get your self in a situation where you are used, eg is it to come to the USA, or let anyone control your life. Ask the hard questions let him explain what would life be like in years. What, when, where, how and why. You should GIVE UP! If he is the innocent type then leave the guy innocent, and if he's bad go for it. And if you are gonna go for it try and act like he is a normal guy the bad ones he will think that you are uncomfortable with him being a muslim And that is really OFFENSIVE!

No, had no experience. Buying baby shower invites? Related Questions Experience with dating a muslim man?

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