Date a girl who dances salsa. She dances her way through life in a way that she can dodge a bullet in the most graceful fashion. She is strong—physically, mentally, emotionally. She has arms and legs made solid from hardcore dancing. She knows that like dancing, life continues on with or without music. A girl who dances salsa is not afraid to make mistakes because she takes every wrong turn as a learning curve. She is a girl with a curious soul and an open mind. She will try bachata or kizomba, hiphop, even rumba.

She will say yes to a new form of dance even when she has zero knowledge about it because a girl who dances salsa is a girl who is thirsty to learn. A girl who dances salsa gives and takes. She knows her favorite moves yet she will allow you to lead her from time to time knowing that in every dance she can learn something new. When she does when to book dating scan, be impressed because not everyone can be in-your-face honest nowadays.

Even when you are leading her in the dance, she will find ways to make the dance extra special by adding her own touch to it. Date a girl who dances salsa because she is a girl who has high appreciation for the arts and artists. She loves dancing salsa for its elegant art. She recognizes a good salsa song the moment the percussion starts to beat. A girl who dances salsa goes where the wind blows. She knows when to stand up dating a salsa girl the love of her life, yet she knows when it is time to let go.

Years of dancing salsa taught her that some people just comes and go, the way it always does in rueda de casino. It is easy to date a girl who dances salsa. Invite her for an 8: A girl dating a salsa girl dances salsa does not crack under pressure. She is in control and can fully take care of herself. She is composed and calm and she never loses herself. Sometimes, all it takes is a good salsa event to get her happy back. She appreciates talent when she sees it.

She has danced a bazillion times before but that does not get in her head. She is humbled by the fact that there is still so much to learn outside the dance floor. She is moved by the courage of beginners and takes pleasure in seeing them evolve and grow within the salsa scene. At the same time, she has high regards for dancers who have turned the soles of their shoes paper-thin from all those years of dancing.

It is easy to recognize a salsera. She is that girl in the gym who is listening to Dile El Amor in full blast while lifting three-kilo weights. She is that girl sitting at a corner with a huge bottle of mineral water dating a salsa girl she knows she has to be hydrated if she plans on dancing for long. She is that girl with a spare bag where her dancing dating a salsa girl are.

She knows that a good pair of dancing shoes is essential anonymous dating apps for android a good dance and a good party. Yes, she takes salsa seriously, because that is what a salsera does with everything she is passionate about. A girl who dances salsa knows that at any second, anything can happen and change everything, and she will always be prepared for it. Nothing takes her by dating a salsa girl. You can spin her around a dozen times, even more, but she will not get off balance.

She knows that her favorite song will always come to an end and she will take it as a beginning to another dance, another song. A salsera is a girl who knows very well that love is and should dating a salsa girl built in trust. You will see her dance with all the men at a salsa party but you have to know that there is nothing more she can ever want than to dance with you. In fact, she cannot even wait for the next bachata song to start so she could throw her arms around you already.

You have to know that post stroke dating girl who dances salsa will dance with everyone else but it is and will always be different when she dances with you. She will accept your past and take you for your present, while looking forward more dances with you tomorrow. She is a girl who knows how to compromise. She knows that a relationship has the same theory as a partner dance.

A girl who dances salsa is never shallow. She is everything but that. First impressions do not impress her. She knows that salsa is a social venue where you meet people, but she is smart enough to know that real friendships are made outside the dancing floor. A salsera is a girl who loves women. Nothing can be sexier than seeing a salsera admire another salsera. She treats every girl as an ally not an enemy. She believes in feminism and camaraderie.

She knows that jealousy and intrigue and rumors and gossips exist only for the fascination of junior high girls. She sees beauty in everyone, no matter the size, no matter the shape, no matter the age or color. She is comfortable in her own skin that she radiates no matter the beat, no matter the song.

It is very easy to date a salsera. She knows that there is no way her dancing shoes and one liter water bottles will fit in a clutch bag. She knows that the scent of a perfume wears out just after a few dances. But give her your own mix of salsa music, or better yet, make a mix dating a salsa girl her favorite Latin songs and see that look on her face dating a salsa girl is priceless.

She will play dating a salsa girl nonstop the moment she wakes up in the morning. That will continue throughout the day until she dozes off to sleep. And in between dating a salsa girl, she will wish you are there listening with her if not dancing with her. Make her feel that she is the best girl in the world. Let her know that she is safe, that dating a salsa girl will catch her should dating a salsa girl fall.

If she has chosen you, never let her go because you are more than lucky for the fact that out of all the men she has met and danced with, she fell in love with you. Only music in the background that has gotten much sweeter. You just found yourself an epic partner on and off the dance floor! Do you have any more reasons for men to date women who dance salsa?

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Should You Date a Salsero?

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