He went to college on a full-ride ROTC scholarship and graduated into a well-paying job in the Navy, debt-free. As the money came in, he dutifully invested, saved and tithed. When he had done his time in the Navy, he already had enough saved up to put himself through grad school. That man is my financial hero. He handled it extremely well when Funny profiles for dating sites first broke the news about my debt to him when we were dating.

According to a new study from online personal finance company, SoFi, debt is a big deal breaker to 20 percent of Millennials ages Of the most concerning red flags when dating with student loan debt comes to being in new romances, the first is being a workaholic and in a close second--serious debt. I polled my own friends on Facebook and they got a little more specific, pointing out that it comes down to the type of debt a potential love interest has accumulated.

It's other debt that shows a possible lack of responsibility and possibly not seeking to be wise with the Lord's provisions," one person responded. If she has k in cc debt for B. If it's student loans, I can't complain. If she's not paying on any of it, run," said another. SoFi also looked into how much Millennials cared about a person's future earnings when deciding whether to date them or not. As the one in the relationship who is carrying the debt, I can dating with student loan debt that a lot of thought went into the conversation I had with my now husband about what debt I had and how I got it.

My approach was to just lay it all out there. I had a spreadsheet with totals, interest rates and expected payoff dates. However, I didn't bring it up until we started to head towards marriage. According to SoFi, Millennials don't think debt needs to come up right away. Finally, SoFi asked Millennials if they would dump someone over debt. A majority, 55 percent, said no. Let me know if you have any horror dating with student loan debt of dating someone in debt OR if you have stories about getting out of debt quickly for the sake of your relationship!

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Dating With Debt: Are Student Loans a Deal Breaker?

Student loans can be conquered, even though the amount of debt continues to rise. Now, remember that this is just the average: Click here for details. We recommend using a service like Credible , which allows you to see what you qualify for in less than 2 minutes, and compares student loans at dozens of lenders. When you attend university, you enter into an agreement with the Government. Chief of staff for an Orlando city commissioner. Dear Legislator, I have been a special education and public school teacher for six years. That being said, I would make more money in private practice than by doing research. But it could become expensive. We are in the top 1 percent nationally in terms of our income.