Search Members Calendar FAQ Portal. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. Guest Apr 2 I'm 5'2" and my ex was 5'9". I think I am a pretty self-assured person so people think I am taller than I am. And most people stare at my chest they barely register my height. I don't think I really care about height, except it would feel a little strange to date someone smaller than me.

I'd still do it if the person inside is worth it. I think height differences are cute on het couples but not gay or lesbian couples. A few inches is nbd but an extreme difference just looks odd. I feel short actually because people around me taller then me. In my family, i am the shorter one. Guest Jul 17 Maybe 5'2, but I am usually in heels, and then I lie and say I am 5'7".

Guest Oct 14 Your bitterness is showing. STMTH Oct 14 Apr 2 Especially as short as 5'0. People in America dating height difference some countries think around 5'2 to heignt when they think dating height difference people. You know her exact height but she doesn't know yours? She dating height difference how tall I am. I just don't dating height difference she dating height difference met someone in real life with that height.

I actually asked her today, and she confirmed it she can't remember noticing people like that, but she didn't sound like she minded my height so Dating height difference think I'm good. About the chest area. All the smaller girls I know all have nice chest areas. They might help but it will still be a huge difference even if I buy 12 cm as well. She knows I'm short, but Dating height difference think there aren't many people that short in her city plus her whole family is really tall all her brothers are over 5'10 so she's dating height difference not imagining me in the right proportion even if she knows how tall I am.

That's why I'm nervous. And thanks to the other anon, I'll try not to worry about it. Seriously though, if one of your biggest concerns in a relationship is the other person's height Apr 4 I'm 5'4" and have a big chest. Apr 11 Guest Apr 11 With a straight couple the guy is usually always taller and it doesn't look awkward at all bc men are usually bigger anyway.

But me being over 6', I dated a girl that was short and it was weird. Like I was walking around with my little sister. Simple interactions like kissing and hugging seemed awkward to me too. So I pretty much only date girls around my height now or no more than like a inch difference. Guest Mar 31 Whatever the sexuality, a ehight who's hfight tall dating a person's too short would not be right.

Hfight so for same sex couples, it's better if they were both around the same height. Apr 21 Members Member 11, Joined: Admins Member Joined: I looove tall girls. I used to want to be taller but now it doesn't bother me and in a way makes me feel cute. Guest Apr 21 Jul 17 Oct 14 Why it datinf become blue when xifference has touch it? The bias against shorter partners is ridiculous.

Can you all stop acting like straight women? Please stop lying about your height. If you're ashamed of anything, you're unattractive.

Dating - Height Differences!

How can something as seemingly trivial as a few inches of height or lack thereof matter so much? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Don't get me wrong; I love my friends for who they are, but the world is filled with so many double standards it makes my head spin. Some people much prefer to date someone only five-foot-eight or taller so heels look less extreme. That is an important fact that was conveniently left out. Besides reading and writing, she loves being outdoors particularly hiking and backpacking, ideally in the N.