Journals Recent Entries Best Entries Best Journals Journal List Search Journals. Community Links Members List. I met this girl more than 3. About a month ago she moved close to me, and I visited her at her workplace which is close to home, Since she's new in the city, I took birthday gift for her just started dating out for a drink a few times, and eventually we started kissing and slept together twice. So we've been dating jusr two weeks, and her birthday is in a few days. She's big birtgday music, and she wants to learn to play guitar and is interested in buying one.

She told me this, perhaps she was hinting to me but I don't know. I want to teach her how to play, and I thought of buying her a guitar as a gift What do you guys think? I do like her a lot and birthdaay seems she likes me too. I don't want to scare her, cause she told me she's a bit afraid of commitment right before I kissed her. Most people I've asked say to bitthday get a birthday gift for her just started dating at all or something small, just datin card and flowers or chocolates.

Maybe a spa massage, or dinner, something we can both enjoy. But I really want her to have the guitar! I don't want her to bidthday creeped out, so I might just save the guitar for later, even though she might buy one herself until then. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Last edited by oakstar; 12th May at 8: Ooh that's a tricky position to be in.

If you do too much she's scared too little and it looks like you don't care. If anything you should be concerned about her talking about not wanting commitment. To me that sounds suspicious Fpr Posted by oakstar. What about a cd or a gift card to some music site like Itunes if she uses that? Do you know her other interest?

It might be helpful to ask your mutual friends about that. I think smaller, less expensive gifts are best since you guys haven't dated for a long time and she's scared of commitment. Originally Posted by NeverDated. I don't think so. People take their friends out for bday dinners all the time. I would avoid seeing her at all that day. You probably don't need any sort of gift either I look at dating as, ideally, being allot like a really good close gft with sex.

A relationship built on openness and honesty and the free expression of emotions without judgement. The one person in birthday gift for her just started dating world of phonies you can be real with. The sad fact is this is a world of phonies. Plenty of those phonies are deceptive and dishonest in their relationships. To the point where fpr someone gives a genuine gift even a simple one it is seen by many with suspicion.

A simple flower, a simple card, a simple bottle of cologne Startev OP is dealing with a woman who fears commitment. In a world where buildings are recyclable and phones are disposable commitment to meet up for dinner could even be too much for some people. Sad but too often true. Thanks for your replies. I daring go for a homecooked meal with wine out on a blanket at the beach.

Jst it be a good idea to ask her what she wants for her birthday? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode. All times are GMT Fod time now is 5: The suggestions and advice offered on this web site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice. If you or someone close to you is birthdsy in crisis or in an good pictures for dating profile situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number.

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Guys, Here’s The Best Gift-Giving Guide For The Girl You Just Started Dating

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