Bruce Banner is bruce banner dating genius scientist who, due to exposure to gamma radiation, transforms into the Hulk whenever his heart beats at intensified speeds. Banner is a gifted scientist, one bruce banner dating the greatest of his generation. His attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Serum went awry and he was exposed to intense levels of gamma radiation instead of vita-rays. This resulted in Banner transforming into a super powerful man-creature known as the Hulk.

After defeating the Abomination in Manhattan, Banner attempts to seclude himself and attempt to control when he turns into the Hulk. After being recruited by S. Bruce Banner was born on December 18, At Harvard, Bruce met Betty Ross. They begin dating and at one point volunteer for an experiment involving hallucinogenics. Later Bruce became a leader in gamma radiation research, and once worked with Erik Selvig for a brief period.

InBruce banner dating father, General Thaddeus Ross enlisted Banner in a military research group to apparently make soldiers more resistant to radiation in reality, Ross was hoping Banner would perfect a recreation of the original super-soldier serum. But when testing the experiment on himself, he was transformed bruce banner dating the Hulk and hospitalized Betty and injured her father. Ross decided to have Banner dissected in order to recreate the Hulk for mass use, however Banner instead went on the run, knowing that the Hulk and its power could not be controlled.

At tail's end, Banner tried to kill himself with a gun, but Hulk emerged and stopped him first. He would then spend the next five years running from country to country, looking for a cure while continuously being pursued by Ross. Bruce Banner was drinking in a bar when Nick Fury, who came to the bar to see what Banner could do when he turns into the Hulk in attempt to find a Super Soldier for S.

As planned, Fury and two other undercover agents were able to make Banner turn into the Hulk, Hulk escapes the bar. Sometime after his accident, Banner spoke to Ross about the accident and revealed to Ross that he will find a cure, Ross refuses to allow him to get a cure, but Banner disobeys him and runs away. While on the run, he hid on a truck heading to Canada, where he was arrested by the police as the truck was passing by the borders, Banner ended up transforming into the Hulk and causing alot of mess.

Now a fugitive from the United States, Banner worked in a soft drink bottling factory in Brazil while attempting to find a cure for dating site coupon codes condition with the help of an Internet friend known to him as "Mr. To prevent another transformation, Banner underwent rigorous meditation to control bruce banner dating emotions and keep his pulse at a bruce banner dating level.

Blue" requested that Banner send him a sample bruce banner dating blood, which through some tests revealed a potential cure. However, Blue needed the data that changed him first in the first place. After Banner suffered a cut, a drop of his blood landed into a bottle of soft drink, which was eventually drank by an ill-fated consumer. Following this, General Ross discovered his location and sent Emil Blonsky and a special forces team to apprehend him.

While trying to evade the special forces, Banner was attacked by thugs and became the Hulk. The Hulk killed some of the thugs and the special forces team and escaped, leaving Blonsky unharmed. Banner wakes up in Guatemala, dazed by the experience and eventually makes his way to Culver University in the United States, where a now-recovered Betty was dating psychologist Doctor Leonard Samson. Unable to access his old lab to retrieve the data, he sees his old friend Stanley, a pizzeria owner, for a place to stay and bruce banner dating job as a delivery boy.

Banner used this job to sneak past a Culver University security guard to try and retrieve his research, only to discover it was gone. When preparing to head off once again, Betty visited the pizzeria and spotted Banner, who fled to try and avoid her, however they later reunited, and he elected to stay with her one night. Learning that she possessed the last of the data, he explained her father's plan for him, and why he bruce banner dating continue running.

While getting ready to leave, the military arrived, and Blonsky, enhanced by some of the experimental serum Ross had tried to produce himself, bruce banner dating the assault. While trapped and gased, Banner was angered by some soldiers trying to restrain Betty, and transformed into the Hulk. Bruce banner dating Blonsky's increased strength, speed and agility, the Hulk crushed most of the bones in Blonsky's body before absconding with Betty to Smokey Mountain National Forrest with Betty and keeping her safe from a firing gunship.

Banner sends the data to "Mr. Blue", and he and Betty traveled to Manhattan to meet with "Mr. Accompanying Sterns to his lab, Banner and Betty learned that Sterns had indeed developed a possible antidote that may reverse Banner's transformations, however it might only prevent the current occurrence and not future ones, and that an overdose could possibly kill him. Despite the risks, Banner agreed to try, bruce banner dating was shocked into transforming with electricity and then reverted to normal bruce banner dating an injection of the serum and Betty's bruce banner dating words.

Exhilarated by the success of the antidote, Sterns revealed that he had synthesized Banner's blood sample into a large supply, with the intention of using it to enhance the human condition to the next evolutionary level. Appalled and fearful of the the Hulk's power falling into the wrong dating site criminal background check, Banner attempted to convince Sterns to destroy the blood supply when he was shot by a tranquilizer from one of General Ross' snipers, while Blonksy, further enhanced by Ross's serum, attacked Banner in an attempt to get him to transform but couldn't.

As Banner was taken into custody, Blonsky, desperate for more power, confronted Sterns and demanded he subject him to a dose of the Banner's gamma radiation bruce banner dating. As a result, Blonsky mutated into a hideous titan, the Abomination, and went on a rampage in the city. Banner, realizing that he was the only one who could stop the Abomination, convinced General Ross to release him, and jumped out of Ross' helicopter, hoping the bruce banner dating would stimulate a transformation.

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Uh, it's a tattoo. Also, he and Tony Stark are perfect as BFF's! He had believed that the serum was intended for enhancing radiation resistance, but in reality, the military was more interested in creating a weapon. Bruce Banner "Fantastic Four" But I think the more people see of Bruce, the more they're starting to appreciate him.