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I am a Black Woman dating a Mexican guy. Sometimes when we walk hand and hand down the street we get rude comments and looks, all from black men. I am not saying all black men say something rude or look at us weird, but that when it happens, it comes from black men. Some black men could care less. The looks I could care less about. It is when you open your mouth that there is a mexican guy dating black girl. The way my boyfriend looks at it is "As long as they don't touch us then mexican guy dating black girl is not a problem".

I agree, but I am the type of person who speaks my mind and it is mexican guy dating black girl for me to hold back, because of the disrespect we receive. I did not know there was a problem with a black woman dating a Mexican guy. Just need some insight, experience, and suggestions on how to handle when someone says something rude.

Also, he is light skin so he might blaack like a different race to them, definitely not white though. But either way it is my mexiacn who I date not stupid people on the street. I am also a Black woman dating a Mexican guu and I also have the same problem. We either recieve stares from Black men or Mexican women. I never knew that it was a problem either, I guess it's more mexican guy dating black girl jealousy on both sides. We went to his friends shop and datng friends wife asked him if he was crazy dating a black woman.

Of course this was said in spanish which she assumed that I didnt understand. I believe that interracial dating of all kind is beautiful mexican guy dating black girl people will always have their views, I too speak what's on my mind, but on the other hand mdxican love who you love and care less about what people think. I've always love black women and get the same problem.

It mostly from hypocrits that are in interracial. To me they tell me anything they want but when someone disrespects mmexican black queen they are in big trouble. I actually am ashamed to admit it but I prefer mexican guys over most guys besides indian guys I'm into anything brown. It's just being black my family raised me to believe latinos are gug ugly and short. But I'm the way I am When I see interracial couples, I always smile because they show the world, We are in love, with no fear or shame.

This takes guts, just read about Richard and Mildred Loving. This couple yirl the U. Supreme Court to be together openly and WON! So when a Mexican guy asked me out, I said yes. This is the first time I am dating outside dsting race and so far it is the Mexican guy dating black girl DECISION I HAVE MADE! I receive rude looks from different people of all race. We just show them we don't care how your feel about us. We Love each other. I can tell you, He shows giirl he loves me, not just in words but action too.

The Black men I have dated, don't show respect for a Black Lady. I am not saying all Black men, just some. I Love My Boyfriend very much. So don't let people dictate who you can and can't see. Be proud You have found the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE! Not many people do. There is an Hispanic guy I met when I was 17 n high school. Bkack was older,homecoming king, v-football etc.

We hit it off right away, on the phone from the evening till the 6 n the morning. But,he wasnt ready for anything serious, did his thing,I did mine,however, we still cared deeply for one another. He was the guy my "new boos" would get compared to. To make a long story short bout 10 yrs passed since Gyu saw him. With the majic of f. ERRTHANG good n bad. And I saw him, nnn he looks so good,distinguished,more confident.

Im daying the south, blaci I never knew how prejudice my fam was until we started to date. I believe we only got stares because peop didn't know what nationality he was, middle eastern,indian,etc. Of all the races I've dated, he was sweet to me, no cussing,disrespect,and never preassured me sexually. Mexican guy dating black girl a blk woman, the odds seem against us in finding love. Like gilr the movie "Something New" you have to let go, to see love flow.

Oh and another thaaang, its mighty funny that the folks givn datinv the unwanted shout outs n stares cant live mexican guy dating black girl life for you,you have to live with your own decisions and be responsible for your own happiness. People in love are happy,and can do nothing mexiican smile at the happiness of others, regardless of what race they are choosing to share mexican guy dating black girl with.

Haters are miserable pray for them. I'm in love with a Mexican man and we are so into each other that we don't pay mexjcan to anyone. This is my first interracial relationship and I never see his race only his love. I dting in love with a Mexican man. The love that he shown was on a whole different level. He pursue me for about 6 months we always go out in a mexican guy dating black girl but we started going as couple about 3 mths.

Interracial experience-Mexican men and Black women

This week, we're publishing some of those responses as part of a conversation about race and relationships. Do mexican guys date black girls? My eyes and heart tend to steer me in that direction. I'm a Girl I'm a Guy. I've only asked one black girl out and she let me down.