OK, so first I'd like to say that I had a serious relationship before with another religious girl, but she wasn't all that religious, she didn't go to the church and stuff so it really wasn't a problem But now this girl I'm dating is somewhat serious about religion and she doesn't know I'm an atheist. I'm not hiding it, just didn't have any chance to talk about it and I free dating sites delhi admit that I'm a little worried.

I'm an atheist since I'm 12 and I don't feel like changing, so how much can this be a problem in a relationship? Any tips on how I should talk to her about it? It will honestly depend on what she believes. As a "religious girl" myself, I've been raised to always try and date someone of the same faith It's the principle of you will act more like the people dating a catholic girl as an atheist closest too, as well as wanting a future with someone who has the same ideals and values as you.

That being said, I have several close friends who are atheistic or agnostic, and some of them have dated more religious dating a catholic girl as an atheist before. Sometimes it works out for awhile, sometimes not. Other factors come into play. But seriously, the best thing to do is tell her now. If she likes you, she'll probably respect your choice even if dating a catholic girl as an atheist doesn't agree. Mutual respect is very critical in a relationship where you disagree over some things.

Find an opening and take it. If there isn't one, make one. Try asking her about her beliefs, and why she believes what she does. Aside from knowing more about her, this will most likely get her to ask you about what you believe. Which is where you tell her, and don't chicken out. Honesty is the dating a catholic girl as an atheist way to go! Just remember, if it doesn't work out and things go wacky It's better to know that now then 2 years down the road when she finds out.

Atheists more often than not have the same ideals and values as the religious. The only difference is that we don't subscribe to what the religions are dating a catholic girl as an atheist. Rather than being told what morality is best, we simply search for it ourselves through society and personal experience. Hope I worded that non-offensively. Ooh, definitely a sticky situation. First of all, let me say, I feel that everyone has the right to their beliefs whatever they may be.

Now just from previous experience, unfortunately if this girl is seriously online dating glasgow free, her reaction to you being Atheist will most likely not be super positive. You being Atheist is basically you believe that all of her core beliefs are false rather, that's probably how she'll take it. But really the bottom line is that you HAVE to have this conversation with her.

The longer she doesn't know, the bigger the issue it will create when you finally do tell her. If she really does feel for you and really does want you, then she will be willing to compromise with you and accept you for who you are. Because most definitely, her beliefs are just as important as yours and vise-versa I am atheist, and there is no way I would go out with a religious person.

It just doesn't work. My two best friends who were religious one was agnostic then christian, the other a moderate catholic eventually stopped being my best friends because they couldn't stand that I didn't believe what they believed and they knew that I thought it was all a fantasy. I imagine it would work the same way with a significant other, and down the road raising kids, family matters, wedding, etc it becomes more complicated. It is very hard for an atheist and a religious person to truly respect each others' beliefs, considering that the religious person usually feels defensive that you essentially think that what they believe is a lie unless you are one of those "we just don't know the answer" atheists, who are actually agnostics.

Also if she loves you and is serious enough about her religion, she'll probably try to convert you e. Christians wanting to make sure the soul of a loved one gets to heaven Personally, religion is a dating a catholic girl as an atheist for me. You should tell her your beliefs and see how she feels about that. I'm surprised she hasn't asked you yet, since that's the first thing I find out about someone I am considering dating.

Anyways, that's fairly beside my point. I think this really depends on her views. Not religiously--but on others' religions. If she's as open minded and accepting as you are, I don't think it will be a big problem. Keep in mind that she'll probably have the same feelings as you: Hopefully you guys will come to a point where you can talk about religion in an objective matter, where both of you hold your views as you see fit, while still learning about the other person's views. Just be respectful of her religion, and if she's as accepting a person as you, she'll do the same.

As for how you should tell her Well, I don't think there's really going to be a "right time," because the longer you wait the worse this could become. If this turns out to be a dealbreaker for her, then the later you tell her the worse the outcome will be singles over 60 dating, I mean.

What I would do is give yourself a deadline; maybe say, "I'm going to tell her by the end of the week," or whenever, and look for the most appropriate moment within that time frame. I would first talk about her views, test the waters, so to speak, and predict what her reaction may be. This will help you with how you'll phrase it when you tell her. But no matter WHAT her opinions on dating an athiest appear to be, you need to tell her regardless.

As has been said, this could potientially play a big role in your relationship. Even if she appears to be staunchly against dating an athiest, she may feel differently when she finds out that you are one. It's one thing to have a schema of an athiest and actually meet, get to know, and have a close, intimate relationship with one. Above all, remember to be courteous and respectful. After you tell her, this may be a topic that you guys should take caution in discussing--especially in the beginning of the relationship.

It could lead to fights. Regardless, best of luck to you! Just always be honest, don't hide it and don't agree with her views just to hide your views to keep her around for sure.

Atheist dating a religious girl. Trouble ahead?

I won't let it be a barrier in our relationship, hell I'd pretend to be catholic if necessary. Leaving religion out of things altogether is a much better idea than trying to pander to her religious sensibilities. The dogmatic mind seeks to co-opt other minds. She showed me that there is a part of me that wants a family of my own, that I can be playful, open to others and meet someone as wonderful as she is. On our last night together we talked about everything and I laid it on the line. Honestly, as an ex-Catholic, I'm going to have to say "Don't", but otherwise, good luck.