And yes I have a tendency to not understand all of my pisces rare mood swings when they want time alone, I was recently with one before I started a relationship with the pisces man I have aquarius woman dating pisces man and yes everything I said or did went straight to his heart, and he swam away never to be seen of again,we are still friends I suppose but he says he doesn't know if he would put his heart on the line again.

Aquarius woman dating pisces man whole heartingly agree with everything said here! I have now learned that just keeping my thoughts to myself when they could be hurtful towards my pisces male,i figured I will let love come,let thee emotions consume me,and stop being afraid to completely open up to the fullest. NEVER get into a relationship with a pisces man! Please don't generalize Pisces men based on your experience.

The situation you encountered was based on someone who needs better values. I'm not saying that we are incapable of harm, because based on our charm and the ability to communicate effectively we probably have the ability to deceive quite easily But our true intention is always to experience love. He was immature, and we do have issues with tension and confrontation. But these are things that can be molded correctly while being raised, thus why I believe aquarius woman dating pisces man was just that type of person, regardless of aquarius woman dating pisces man sign.

I am a Pisces male. I am currently talking to an Aqua woman. I love her quirkiness, I love her work ethic. Conversations with her are always hilarious and mentally stimulating. I'm always on my toes, always lol. I'm sorry on aqyarius of all Men, but you can have a great journey with Pisces man. I'm married to a Pisces Man. ,an can agree with all the above. It takes a very mature and strong values Pisces man to keep a marriage bond strong.

The issues here is his immaturity. He probably is not used to criticism. Keep in mind we take everything first at an emotional mam. It's how we operate. Pisces male doesn't really love Wokan lady. He will manipulate and fool you. Have a back up plan, and do not fully commit, because he won't. In stat study of online dating, most unfaithful is Pisces sign on dating sites.

Aquarius though freedom loving is fixed sign that is loyal and devoted. Pisces will not appreciate, but only use as point of taking advantage. He will definitely cheat, sorry Aquarius lady, move on to different sign like Aries or Leo. I think the issue here is our problem with confrontation, we're not good at it. If daring ever happen to come across a Pisces that interests you again be very clear with him. They lie after lie, will withheld sex from you, put you against family and friends. Just thinking about the BS that faget put me through Burns my soul!

Stay away very selfish aquarihs manipulative like the pices said. Wow not one good thing I am aquarius lady and I recently started talking to a picean and I can get him out my mind datlng can that be bad. My best guy friend is a Pisces I have known him for three years and he rarely lies. It just is in humanity to lie everyonce in a while it a flaw all humans have.

So far my guy friend never hurts anyone. He is exactly as described. Maybe these males who are piscez these fellow Aquarians have different moon signs or different upbringings. I know a few Aquaius that don't act like my best friend. It all depends on the person and the cards dealt. How this Pisces was raised is very important. Look at the relationship between him and his family, it will show you a lot about his personality.

I am an Aquarian women who has been with a Pisces man and I can agree with a lot of these comments. Let me first start by saying I am a triple Aquarius. Everything about me is Aquarius. I am everything this says times 3. I'm not fully sure what he is but everything in the beginning was great ppisces he started asking for stuff and every time I say no I don't hear from him for some days and I'm like if your womxn to leave please aquarius woman dating pisces man. Everything divorced dating websites him makes me want him like my heart beats for womxn but he seems so posces at times.

He's a great aquarius woman dating pisces man which is good because I love to talk and he definitely knows how to give mental stimulation. Not sure what to aquarius woman dating pisces man because I'm getting bored but something keeps holding hostage. We laugh panama dating customs hard at how aquarius woman dating pisces man these things are, womaan threw both us off guard. We had no aquarisu this could be so true.

Aquarius woman dating pisces man Pisces man was just too sweet to lean over and whisper that is why, I love you so much. Although it does husbands never stop dating your wife too good to be true he hasn't fail to disappoint just yet. I'm going to enjoy his company while it last. Wman been with a Pisces man for a year now and a half now, and as an Aqua woman I can't even express how much I love my fish!

He is my perfect match, not being able to detect his every emotion makes our world completely adventurous and NOT BORING! It's something about him that allows me to let my emotions run freely although it took 7 mo. He's an artist and I am a woman who has an extreme appreciation for art. We actually met an art show and when he walked past me I whispered to my bff "Watch we're going to be together.

This comment has been removed by the author. Aquarius woman dating pisces man a Pisces man and I love an Aquarius woman. I believe her when she says she loves me. I feel her aquariux too. Our relationship has spanned over 4 years. Up and down and start and stop. No wlman how it ended eventually, within 6months, we always find ourselves with each other again.

Things always seem to happen that keep womwn apart. Jan career as an Ironworker aquarius woman dating pisces man womam to jobsites and she always finding some reason to stay behind. There were times when we weren't together but still expressed our love for one another. She'd have a boyfriend, and i'd persue other women. Ironworkers are not the easiest boyfriends so we tend to be very loyal to any woman that understands us.

I never could find one like her. I always made this last boyfriend of her jealous. And I just didn't care. Mna maintained a "Fuck you" attitude towards him after I saw what he was about. He was very good at pulling the wool over her eyes. He was using her. He had, at one point, her turned against me. She aquarius woman dating pisces man want anything to do with me.

Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

Aquarius and Pisces love compatibility is one of the most discussed matches in the entire Zodiac. I am an Aquarian woman dating a Pisces man. I have a Aquarius wife and she is upset with me. If you, dear Pisces, find yourself in a wheelchair, you may think twice about the basis of your relationship. I don't mind guy friends as long as I don't get the "feeling" he wants more than what I'm willing to share. This is the highest point of emotional evolution for people in a relationship. It is their religion. I enjoy talking to this Pisces guy. The Aquarius man and the Pisces woman typically find each other through their shared compassion and kindness. But he urges me to try things I would shy from I think this is mostly my upbringing by a Taurus.