Please Login or Register to join in. I have had bad sickness, I did a clearblue test that tells you how far along you are on Friday and it said weeks, I did another one today and it said weeks. My period isn't due yet till Tuesday. Do you think its put me further ahead, or I ovulated early???? It just means your datinb is rising fast which is a good sign. I've done a bit of research into this as i am super paranoid after 3 losses. Check this link out, it tells you everything you need to know, including pics of what the hest should look like if you are a loony like me and crack them open once the display blhe off!!

I went for a scan a couple of days ago and the sonographer said they were very accurate x. I just don't see how I vating even be four weeks pregnant yet my period isn't due till Tuesday. My last period was 30th October, really confused. Its because "dating" for pregnancy begins at your period when the egg starts to mature. The clear blue says how many weeks since conception ie orbut medically you get dated or Don't worry if your a bit ahead, you may have implanted a bit earlier than average there is a range of dpo.

Your numbers on the CB sound great to me, try not to worry. So do you think I should go by my clear blue dating test accuracy period or the clearblue test result?? It's doing my head in, iv had two mmcs and a blighted ovum just worried. I have been really sick this week and nauseous x. Its only an clear blue dating test accuracy Your hcg might be going like a rocket! Get yourself down the doctors tomoz to register! Congrats with your pregnancy xx. Your dating scan at 12 weeks will give a more accurate result, but to work out your estimated clear blue dating test accuracy date for now, you will be asked for the date of your last period.

Some peoples rise so fast and you could be one of them I do have to say though i just looked at the link and my line at was so light when i ripped it apart if i had that on a normal test i may have been tempted to do rest but it was my 5th test anyway so there was no lying. Mine was pretty much spot on! Clear blue dating test accuracy Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page.

Nov 25th, Dec 3rd, Dec 4th, Clearblue clear blue dating test accuracy indicator accuracy? How reliable are first response tests. How reliable are the digital tests. Are the ClearBlue Ovulation test reliable? How reliable are ovulation tests? Clearblue pregnacy test with conception indicator.

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Clearblue offers a range of home pregnancy tests, all of which detect the clinically proven urinary pregnancy hormone — human Chorionic Gonadotrophin hCG to provide accurate and trusted results in early pregnancy testing. Privacy Policy Terms of Use Cookies. It is sensitive enough to be used up to 5 days before the missed period But early pregnancy tests ones that are marketed to use before your period is due are not 9. Comparison of accuracy and certainty of results of six home pregnancy tests available over-the-counter. It may refer to products not yet registered or approved in a given country. It provides a simple result in symbols: Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator.