He has told me that he has PTSD. I can only expect this with dating a guy who has ptsd the current war we are in and the fact that he has served time in Iraq. I do nothing be look up to him and respect him for what he has done. But my heart also goes out to him. He has come home with a wounded mind, and all I want to do is help him. He has days where he is great and in high spirits. But then when something doesnt go right, it brings him to rock bottom.

He drinks a lot too, he averages 18 beers a night. He knows he has a problem and is in therapy for it. I guess I'm asking should I stick it out? Should Dating a guy who has ptsd help him through this? Is it worth it? What do you think? Cause at this point I am really unsure Thanks, Ali O Meet singles at DateHookup. What I recommend for you to do is research, and read everything you can find out about PTSD. I'm sure there has been much written about how it affects relationships.

You're going dating a guy who has ptsd need tons of patience to ride out the times when he is unavailable to you, physically and emotionally. Ask him if it would be OK if you went with him to one of his therapist's visits. How he responds to dating a guy who has ptsd would indicate to me how serious he is about your relationship, or any relationship. Give him time to become a whole man not a put down before you're committed. However, Lets not just assume that his issues are about PTSD as these might be issues he always had or got used to being in the military life.

Your right there is always more to it than just having PTSD. Though he has been diagnosed with it, and see's someone weekly to help him. He is also taking medication. But he a victim of an all too familiar cenario. He married a girl before deploying, and when he returned he found she had cheated. He is in the middle of getting a divorce. I can only imagine his life his been turned upside down.

He needs some sense of normalcy. I am trying to help him obtain that. I try to keep everything we do positive, I have all the patience in the world. I really just wanna help the guy and I really care for him. I just dont know if this is going to be a roller coaster and if so will it be worth it? You already know how good the good days are, but you probably haven't seent the worst days yet. You are going to have more than one " Ooooh I don't know about this anymore" moments.

It's how well you and he weather those storms that will ultimately tell. Lately it has been bad. I know that on the days he has therapy, its really bad. Its like talking about everything dating a guy who has ptsd makes it all fresh in his mind again. I never push for him to tell him what he talks about or the details because thats not my place. But should I be pushing him to just talk to me in general or give him his space.

I dont want to see naggy or pushy. I just constantly feel like he is trying to find a reason to push me away and out of his life. He thinks that he is a burden on me, when in fact he isnt. I want him to be apart of me life, but all I want to do is to help him. Your right, I havnt seen the worst of the worst yet.

Thank you all for your kind words and advice. I never call him he always calls me. Every chance he gets he calls just to say hi, or ask how my day is going. We talk prob 5 or 6 times a day. But like tonight, hes in a mood. He had therapy tonight and I know everything is running through his mind. I told him im always here for him and when he is ready he knows where to find me He drinks a lot too, he dating a guy who has ptsd 18 beers a night So I have recently been dating this dating a guy who has ptsd guy and he is in the Military.

I'm not a doctor though. I suggest 3D Mind. I think his symptoms may be related to skill sets he doesn't have. Anxieties and phobias I've fixed in minutes. It's easy when you know how, or could take you forever when you don't. Do you mean by me getting hurt emotionally or physically? In no way shape or form has or will he physically hurt me I know that. I just feel for him in the fact that I know he is going through alot and he is the only one that can fix it.

I just see the good in him, and want him to see it too.

I'm Sorry I'm Difficult: Dating with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

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