This is one of the worst dating websites of all time. There is no logic or reason on what happens in here. Your profile can be created, entered, and then it disappears. I have no idea what goes on. I do know the creator makes tons of money from this "free site", but it never worked for me. Others who have used it told me they got terrible responses, or had their profile deleted for no reason. Overall it is a huge gamble. Go somewhere else and save yourself lots of aggravation and time.

Why when I ask to be contacted do they ignore there seems to be no way of contacting them that reply. Is PlentyOfFish a bad site? But for me its still just missing something to make it stand out, you know? Some of the new sites wejustfit. Give me innovation or something a bit more quirky over boring, any day of the week. Yes it's a free site woman gets stuck in chimney online dating you get what you get for free these guys say what they want to say to wheel you in so to speak , there's certain kind of ladies on this site looking for a broke ass is plenty of fish dating free daddy or pretending to be a sugar daddy and guys who only still want to play the field there are so many disease don't have time for these games so beware of all the sweet words about being a gentleman looking for good ladies blah blah blah its all about lie not saying there's any decent guys on the site but the bad make the good look bad.

Most people on the site Women are nice, but who is plenty of fish dating free whom adminsters the site is less than desirable, aragant, non-resposive, will boot you after 3 or so conversations, whether plesant or not. I have couple friends converse with, have them on facebook, have conversation with them they boot you 3 days. If find better one let me know, match pretty good.

Hope they heard me. I got on it a year ago when I went thru a break up. Thought I found a nice guy, not. It was a scammer trying to get money. Delete my profile, get back with my partner who had made a profile when he found out I had and told me he had deleted his profile when we got back together. This was not the case, We broke up again "because of my trust issues" while looking recently I found his updated profile, along with many other married ppl I know claiming to be single or divorced.

It seems my issues had foundation. Never using this site!!!! For me the best dating site ive used in terms of number of dates and actually getting a relationship from it was wejustfit. But with PlentyOfFish most people just assume its the best sure, it might be but then in your area it could just as easily be something else. Better to keep an open mind and try different sites, that's my two cents at least.

Hi guys dont be fooled like I did. There's a chick on here stay away her names jeralee Scott from mandurah her user names his with some numbers. She used my profile agents me. Once she knows your broke she is back on here cleaning you out. This site is full of time wasters, who let you down and lie to you. What do you expect on a free site? People just looking to waste your time or guys just looking for sex!

If your looking for a more genuine site, I would personally try a pay site like match. From what I can tell anyone can report your account for any reason. After a certain number of reports your account is deleted. The most frustrating part is the site keeps your profile to "count towards" it's total number of users that it boosts about, and can't actually be deleted because you can't log back into it. I've got an associates in programming, and while most of is plenty of fish dating free is hunch based I don't think I'll be returning is plenty of fish dating free their site any time soon despite having people that were interested in me for me whom I now cannot reply to.

Don't buy tokens they're a waste of money. Also you can in the event that your banned all of your investments will be forfeited as well. MY ACCOUNT KEEPS GETTING DELETED AND I DEMAND TO KNOW WHY! These are real people here and I made real connections that are all gone now. There needs to be a better system in place as to what profiles can be deleted.

This is not fair!!! I spend so much time making my profile just right to reflex the person that I am, and I have made connections with people that I couldn't get back. It was so upsetting and incredibly disheartening but I decided I'll dust it off and create another account. Then things were going great, I met someone I really liked. We had a real spark between us and spoke for ages. Then this account also got deleted and I lost him.

This is not fair at all. It was an honest account. I didn't use any nudity or profanities. I had done nothing wrong at all. Yet it got deleted. This site is for hooking up for sexual encounters only. If that's all your looking for, it's plentiful. If your looking for a real relationship skip this one over. I signed up last year and was lucky enough to only be on it for 3 days! People on there seem more real then ither dating sites. I met my still now boyfriend on there and cant be any happier then i am now so thank you plenty of fish for finding my perfect guy: Plenty of fish is not bad and offers some cool features for free whereas others make you pay.

But word of caution beware of scammers and fake profiles. But there are genuine and real persons on the site but in my opinion Mingle2day, QuickFlirt, and Match simply work a little better. They initially cost but the relation of real profiles vs fake profiles seems a little better. I would not recommend the POF dating site to anyone who is real and genuine.

My experience with this company has been one of lies,corruption and the most impersonal user interface for meeting a friend. I have had scammers several times and finally went to the FBI website for tips. They are so easy to spot and even easier for the person to create a fake profile. Older women seem to be a target and just must think we are old and feeble. I have an upgraded profile and will not renew when my time is up. I still get plenty of messages but will NEVER give out my email or phone number until or unless I meet the person first.

It is so frustrating to be an ethical person looking for someone with more scammers out there than legitimate people.

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Plenty of Fish Register Help Sign In. We fell head over heels.. Retrieved from " https: PlentyOfFish POF is an online dating service , popular primarily in Canada , the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Brazil, [2] and the United States. That's why you can always reply free to all member messages. It was the second company in Canada to be punished by the CRTC under the enforcement of this legislation. I haven't found my soulmate or anything, but as the title suggests, there are plenty of fish out there.