Well, not really a date, but more of a first meeting between myself and a stranger who I met on online dating before I chucked in the towel. Over coffee, we began the process of swapping life stories; upbringings, choice in careers, thoughts on the role the weather plays on the collective psyche. Over coffee, we began the process of swapping life stories, discussing our upbringings, choice in careers, thoughts on the role the weather plays on the collective psyche.

Yep, pretty serious stuff. We broke the rules of kiwi dating websites not to talk about when meeting someone for the first time, namely: Seriously, short of debating religion and politics, we pretty much nailed everything taboo that two people could ever discuss. One of the major things we talked about was our thoughts on the Kiwi kiwi dating websites scene, or lack thereof.

You're in a relationship. I don't believe he actually used the term "BOOM! The expectation was if you "hooked up" with someone, then you were therefore seeing them exclusively and your parents had the green light to begin wedding preparations. Here in Wellington, there seems to be someone for everyone too Most people I know are happily coupled up. In New Zealand, he said, there was kiwi dating websites scene for singles. New York, Wellington is not. Therefore Carrie Bradshaw, I am also not.

I can but try. I hadn't thought about that before but I think he was right. People don't date anymore. Sure, they think they go on dates. After meeting on Courtenay Place on a Saturday night, they may catch a movie on Wednesday, but by the following weekend - it's full steam ahead to relationshipville i. But they're not dates - they're box-ticking exercises done because, well, that's the way we do things in these parts. But it doesn't mean that it is right. To me, dating is what kiwi dating websites women and men do.

Why and how on earth could or would dating lines phone numbers get in to a relationship with someone who days, maybe even hours before, you didn't know? New Zealand seems to treat singledom in a very odd way. Not only is it a failure, it's a situation to be avoided at all costs because, socially, it's not the done thing. I want to start a revolution, and give happy singles a voice. Do you think there's a dating scene, or the culture is to settle down asap because everyone else is?

If so, what on earth is the hurry? You have to nab them before someone else does? I don't get it - at all. Got a dating issue you want Greer 2. The Kiwi dating scene By GREER MCDONALD Privacy policy Contact us.

The Kiwi dating scene

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