Friday December 26 email print. I dated this guy for one year. I am financially stable and I have a child who lives with my mother. We love each other very much but he is very insecure about me plus we have had ups and downs. When I was on leave, he cheated on me with a neighbour and I got to know about it. On the other hand, I want to move on and settle down but living next to this guy is making it difficult.

I understand your dilemma. Going away to a place where you will not meet online dating makes me feel desperate your ex is one of the most effective ways to get over him. Sometimes to save your heart, and e your life, you have to make a sacrifice. This could mean breaking up with a good friend, quitting your job, or in your case, moving from that neighbourhood.

That neighbourhood may be convenient, but it is not conducive to your wellbeing. Move to a new place, get over your past and be grateful for what you have. When a man who loves you sees that you love your child, he will readily love you and your child. And next time, move in with a man as his lawfully wedded wife and not as his neighbour. Severing links with an ex is a difficult affair especially when you live in the same neighbourhood.

If you continue living next to your ex, you will be in an on-and-off him to your own detriment. Your boyfriend was insecure because you were earning more than him and also because you already have a child. However, that does not warrant his cheating on you with a neighbour or with anyone my ex is dating my neighbor for that matter. Having your ex as a neighbour is not easy because every time you see him, it will remind you of the past.

If indeed that neighbourhood is the most convenient place for you to live, then resolve not to allow thoughts of the past torment you. Focus your thoughts and efforts on nsighbor yourself, rather than on your cheating ex. You need a fresh start to heal. Take it this way, if you move in with another man while still in the same neighbourhood with your ex-boyfriend, he can decide to spread false rumours about you or create a scene. You decided to break up with him, so you need to move on.

If you are done with someone, even if you lived in neighbbor same house nothing my ex is dating my neighbor take you back to him. In your case, it is clear that you still have feelings for him, so stop lying to yourself that you are done with him. Be honest with yourself and deal with the feelings you still have for him. I say this because I once had an experience like yours. My boyfriend cheated on me and married my best friend and we broke up. The only way to let go and move on, is to love yourself enough to give yourself a chance to find happiness with someone else.

You are still holding onto the love you had for your ex and that is why you are not able to move on. KETRACO implementing plan to end power blackouts. Express trains will have 2 brief stops along the way ny 01st my ex is dating my neighbor August. Kenya serve off against Mt in opener at Kasarani. Latest News LIVE BLOG: Uhuru takes vote hunt to Migori. Matiang'i shuts KU and Jkuat campuses. Name successor, Grace tells Mugabe. Pakistan PM Sharif forced out of office. Corporates Enterprise Technology Seeds of Gold.

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Do Not Date Your Neighbor

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