But at times, even the best of us can end up becoming a clingy girlfriend without really realizing it. This lack of love turns into insecurity, which can eventually turn into a plea for attention and love. Now is that really a bad thing? One boyfriend may absolutely love being attached at your hip while another boyfriend may just want to hold hands for five seconds in a day.

Does that mean one boyfriend is better than the other? Well, it all depends on your perspective of love and what you expect out of it. New relationship rules for happy love ]. This is the biggest clingy girlfriend trait that most guys despise. Do you give your boyfriend enough time to do his own thing? How to give space in a relationship the right way ]. You may love snuggling up in bed and speak to him over the phone for hours every night.

Instead, keep your calls short for a few days and hang up even before he wants to hang up. Why do men hate talking on the phone? Go out with your own friends. If you want to avoid getting a tag of the clingy girlfriend, make your boyfriend a part of your life. Admit it, your boyfriend got along just fine with his own life until you came into it. You fell in love with him for the person he is before he met you. Yes, he may have a few bad friends.

Guys love to play the part of the protector in the relationship. How to be the perfect damsel in distress ]. Do you ever feel insecure when he spends time with an attractive girl? So your man prefers to spend time with his own friends instead of you? Why do you think he does that? Have your own life and make him want to spend more time with you. How to keep a guy interested in you in 30 sexy ways ]. You may think that bringing up problems in the relationship all the time will make him a better man who can love you in a better way.

Be frank and explain what you feel without losing your cool. Mention it in a clear manner without any frustrations. Do you really think you can stop a guy from having an affair if he really wants to? Your boyfriend loves you for who you are. Affairs in a relationship and the games your egos play ]. All of us are different. You may want him to keep you updated on his life every hour or so, but does he want to do the same?

Hang up within a minute or two. Of course, you are his girlfriend. Remember that both of you are two individuals who are in love with each other. Keep yourself busy doing what you love and make him come to you. Be that perfect woman in his eyes and make him realize how much of a catch you are! Love makes the whole world go round. Instead of nagging about it, learn to make him want you more.

Make him miss you by keeping yourself busy. Talk to him about it and hear his reasoning for it with an open mind. If you feel like both of you have different priorities in love, rethink the status of the relationship. Conversation tips to end a relationship the perfect way ]. If he makes a date with you and breaks the date to go out with his friends, throw him out on the streets. Be independent and make him want your attention.

Play the damsel in distress only when necessary. What guys like in girls more than anything else! An open book is boring. A sealed book with a sneak peek is always exciting. How to make him miss you all the time ]. Liked what you just read? A true believer in the beauty of life and the world we live in, Preeti Tewari finds every excuse to lose herself in nature, be it smelling flowers on a stree Latest in LovePanky How to Seduce a Man with Words: How to Put It to Work the Right Way How to Impress a Girl Over Text: Read these 13 revealing clingy girlfriend signs and find out how to avoid it the right way.

Is asking signs youre dating a needy woman guy to call at least ten times a day normal? Gosh, my ex girlfriend really should get a life. Jessica, you make a good point. Clinginess is a state of mind. What one lover considers clingy may not really be clingy. Relationships can be so much better if only lovers communicate.

There would never be a phrase called a clingy girlfriend if lovers communicated and understand each other better. That is such bad advice. My boyfriend spend over two weeks without calling or texting signs youre dating a needy woman, and over three months without seeing each other when we live 30 min away from each other. Around those times, I was the one initiating the calls, the text, not signs youre dating a needy woman but at least once or twice a week.

Are you kidding me? I wouldnt want my bf to be doing the same, so why should I? If you truly love your girlfriend and she flirts with another guy, you may get annoyed with her for a moment. Sometimes, signs youre dating a needy woman fear of failing or losing something is the only motivation to stop taking things signs youre dating a needy woman granted. It happens with your job, your college examinations, a silly game you play, and most definitely, your relationships.

Kylee, I disagree with you! I would not for a second think that cheat or even flirting with signs youre dating a needy woman girl is worth losing my current relationship. I just want her to lead a normal lifestyle. I feel receiving text a day and calls a week is more than enough, but she has complained about that hence the reason I am here, because I would rather make things work since I sincerely care for her. I have so much more to say, but would rather not waste the time typing it.

Plus there are subtle ways of flirting that MANY people use and some do them without even noticing. And this article is very right. I told him that I felt a gap in our relationship and that I felt lonely most of the time. I also signs youre dating a needy woman him if I smothered him and that am willing to give a space. But he told me that these ideas I have on my head are all wrong. He loves me so much and wants me to be his wife.

Women are different, we want to feel wanted all the time. Good thing we worked through it. About the 6 point, flirting with other guys, yes, go do that!! The author asks you girls to flirt with other guys not to go sleep with them. And on a whole different thing, if your boyfriend takes you for granted, I think flirting with another guy totally helps. When I saw my girlfriend flirting with another guy as I walked into a room sometime ago, I was pissed off.

11 Signs Your Partner Is Too Clingy & What To Do About It

The most important thing is to be honest with yourself when exploring this question. Rebuilding Yourself for the Love and Relationship You Deserve. Cancel reply Comment Please note: Simply click on the link in the email we just sent you. Romance is a wonderful thing. A hair repair system for Asian hair. Do you have a way with words? Some TV is great TV — the rest is pretty much garbage. She tells you how to dress, buys appliances for your kitchen, organizes your medicine cabinet. Cinderfella, though, is notoriously needy and possessive.