We are very happy to have found your website. We enjoy reading it. It gives us an insight into the life we so dearly desire. We datng new to this idea and have no idea of how we should approach it. We have seen the personal ads and just are unsure if this is the route that we would like to pursue. We believe that special person is out there for us, we datung just unsure of how to find her.

Sometimes the husband is looking, sometimes the wife. Here's our common sense approach, based on our correspondence, and some common sense Come completely out of the closet! That's the hard part, and may take some time. But once you do, your friends can help you look, their friends will hear about you, and adting can approach interesting women without feeling deceptive or embarassed.

Use the demographics in your favor. Are you willing to move to an area where there are far more women than men? Well, at sister wife dating sites start hanging around places where there are lots of single women Yesterday, I saw about a dozen young beautiful women jogging through the town in shorts. At the end sitess the double column was one guy talking animatedly with two of the women as he ran. He had obviously discovered the principle of demographics. When I was a professional dancer, there were twenty beautiful, healthy, sophisticated women for every straight man.

Have you tried placing an ad, or doing a story in your local newspaper? Reporters would love to get to know you! Dress up like an American Gothic couple and stand outside a singles fair with a sign "Looking for a sister wife". Then just start meeting sits. Lloyd's razor applies here It doesn't matter how you meet someone, be it at church, at the bus stop, datkng a bar, or wherever. You'll find the same spectrum of personalities-- suspicious, willing to try anything, shy, vegetarian, and so on.

So if you're looking to meet a special someone, go anywhere sister wife dating sites you can meet a lot of people. If you're quietly waiting at home for the Lord to provide, remember that he helps those who help themselves. The other thing that I've learned from my friends here is that all three or four must be able to get along and to thrive, be friends, soulmates. Sounds obvious, but apparently it isn't intuitive to everyone. If someone in the group is not happy, this situation probably will not work.

I wouldn't recommend this option to many people. I suspect you have to be smarter than the average bear to keep more than one woman happy. Some of us have all we can do to do right for one woman. As most of you have experienced, it is not easy being a polygamist in mainstream America. Most women would consider us crazy if we even brought up the subject of Christian polygamy.

I am sure there are women out there mostly single moms that are struggling that would be interested in becoming a part of a strong, and loving Christian family. To advertise my search for a sister wife dating sites wife, I started the following blog http: By getting the word out, I hope to meet women that would like to join my wife and I in building a happy, loving family full of beautiful sister wife dating sites. If you are interested, I can create a page that advertises your individual sister wife dating sites and link it to my blog.

I can also provide a link to any blogs that you create to help advertise your search for that special someone. By working together, we can achieve anything. I, too, am looking for multiple husbands. I would like to find four or five more to keep me in fur and diamonds, just the essentials. They must be in harmony with me, they must get along with each other and sister wife dating sites must be house sister wife dating sites. I really do not know where to look though.

Sister wife dating sites am happy i found this site! Lookingfor a sisterwife that is serious about life love and god. Looking for age 40 to 50 widower thats experienced and knows about commitment. There is to much church in the goverment and to much goverment in the datting. Hi my dating chatting site is rebekah and i am 43 but look younger then I am I work out 4 days a week sizter home. I have long blonde hair blue eys and freckles I am 5'8 and I am however a virgin lady still wanting to meet real couple soon.

I like clean shaven in face if possible and love gentle man in touch. I am open to new things sister wife dating sites have a sis to teach me new things and a wife to do things with soon Rebekah. Hi i am looking for a family to become a part of. I am 18 years old and i want a sweet loving family i can be a part of. I would love to have children.

I might be datign but i want out of life. Could someone please tell me more about wwife this works? We are fortunate to live in a big waterfront house and have a nice condo on the beach. While we are in our mid's, many tell us that we look like we are in our 20's. We would like to add a beautiful Sister-wife to our family that will enjoy the good life along with us.

We are fortunate that everyday is like a vacation and we would like a Sister wife to help make our family complete. Please send pics and info to jim sister wife dating sites. I think you guys are nuts. Why does the man get to go from woman to woman screwing as he pleases but the woman must be faithful to him? Sounds like a bunch of bs to me in sitess you short the women and teach them they are not enough but that you tell the man he can do whatever he wants.

Try a real sister wife dating sites and stop spreading your sickness. If a man wants to have two wives, he must be allowed to do so provided he loves both of them equally, same thing applies to a woman. I would like to be a hubby of a woman having two hubbies. Linda Sue, I wish your wish be soon fulfilled. I wish I would be your one of husbands and will sister wife dating sites you from others.

We sister wife dating sites in familyHi, Looking for a sister wife between 25 and We are a loving couple with 2 small. Please contact us at shane. Hello We have been looking for a sister wife for a long time now, We are a married couple 22 years now, we have 2 adopted sons now 13 and I have always found something missing in our relationship, it has nothing sister wife dating sites do with my husband for this loss, i have so much love to give and no one else to give it to, We are so close and none of that jealousy most couples have, I would love so much to be able to share my wonderful husband with a new wife, and am looking for a new wife to pass on my lives experiences with, We would love to chat with you please sisyer free to respond sister wife dating sites this email or feel free to call me at any time We live in Missouri.

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Browse Personals and Get Connected With Hundreds of Single Women in Your Area Who Share Your Lifestyle and Who Want to Become Sister Wives. Create new View all. Sister Wife Personals is part of the Online Connections dating network, which includes many other general and polygamy dating sites. Hi Jess My name is Andrew. By joining you agree to our Terms of Service , Shared Site Disclosure and Privacy Policy. How you know polygamy is for you. Users total Online 12 New users yesterday 10 New users today Find A Sister Wife is a fantastic site for all those who find the idea of a plural marriage interesting - having more than one of something that's great must be even greater, right? Choose Your Screen Name.